Mortgage on Property Investor and business Income only ?



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Hello I have a rental property in London which generates cash and I am a director of a workspace business which will also generate cash this year. As I am not a typical worker with fixed income I am looking for a broker who can help secure mortgages under the aforementioned income streams. Any advice please let me know, Thank you. David


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Hello, SKELLON ! By the provided banks conditions, it seems like you got the *bad* credit rating. Can you share with us if you have ANY businesses before? Are they alright? The terms they provide for you are unusual. By my business practice, I think you need to address the professional insolvency company and consult with them about the details and your credit rating recovery If you have any questions about my conclusions or want to provide additional details, feel free to PM me or answer this topic. Cheers!

Dora Wi

Sadly it can be hard to find a mortgage if you are not an employee somewhere. Have you managed to find a solution since?