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Morocco Studio for Sale

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by michaeltw, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. michaeltw

    michaeltw New Member

    I have a studio apartment in the Morocco sector that I will sell. I have a renter in there now who is very responsible and it's good steady income. You can email me at wagneragency @ comcast . net] for details. I have owned this since they forst starting selling flats and am reinvesting here in the states where prices are low. I was just in Dubai and had a chance to see my flat and everything. It's a rather dull and plain place, but hey, as a renatal investment it's easy money.


  2. AMJAD67

    AMJAD67 New Member

    Hi My name is Amjad what is the asking price for the flat?do you have the title deed?how much rented for?

  3. drashwas_8

    drashwas_8 New Member

    is the studio still available ?
  4. GRAccounts

    GRAccounts New Member

    Hi Drashwas,

    I have a studio apartment in Greece sector in IC, it has tenants until May 09, when they will leave or renew dependng on the new owner.
    my email address is garyrandall31 at yahoo dot co dot uk
    i would accept 480,000 aed
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