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More income for real estate agents

Discussion in 'North America Real Estate' started by brooms, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. brooms

    brooms New Member

    I am an active field agent in the real estate business for the last five years. I want to expand my client base to more areas, which means I wish to cater to areas other than my hometown. How can I have access to client bases in surrounding areas?
  2. juicekin

    juicekin New Member

    You need to join a real estate referral service wherein you will also earn a referral income. You first ought to learn what is provided for you as a real estate agent at real estate referral services. You can then use real estate referral companies to help you find buyers for listed properties. Learn about becoming a real estate referral agent and increasing your revenue. Real estate referral agents make money from commissions earned when they match up real estate buyers and sellers with agents. MyGreenParachute is a site that offers all these services. Log on to it for all the information you need and register yourself on-line. You can also become an on-line member of their blog site Welcome to the MGP Community Website for more ideas on expansion.
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