More grand parents, parents and children living together



The biggest shame would be if it happened purely and simply because of financial circumstances and not because people wanted to or felt some kind fo responsibility. Society has become much greedier, much more self orientated.


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it depends on numerous factors. sometimes the relationships are so bad that people prefer to live on the streets. if the relationship a good, then there's nothing wrong with that. constant support from your family members is great


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I think it is the wrong way of upbringing. Unfortunately, it is a common situation these days. Many young families leave their children in the care of their parents. The relationship between a child and parents is blurred after that. Therefore, children have a lot of psychological traumas. Btw, my friend is planning to have a baby. He even asked for help in Do you think he is making the right decision? A child with special needs requires more care, in my opinion.
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