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Mizin - Remraam - Wanted

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by bluelight, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. bluelight

    bluelight New Member

    I am interested in getting hold of a studio in this development, can anyone sggest the range I shoul dbe working within, incase anysone selling, I would love to hear
  2. iimz

    iimz Banned

    I can help you with 1 BD instead. If interested then e-mail me at iimz AT Hotmail
  3. mermaid123

    mermaid123 New Member

  4. really_true

    really_true New Member

    i have a 1 bed as studio a in both phase two and phase three i m alooking at decent premiums conatct me if u wish really_true at hotmail dot com
  5. bluelight

    bluelight New Member

    Thank You for the response you have email.
  6. biker_boi

    biker_boi Banned

    hi, have what you need, contact me at

    ashraf at cirrusbrokerage dot com
  7. scorpionking

    scorpionking New Member


    I have 3 studios contact me - sagarjoseph at rediffmail dot com.

  8. StudioBuyer

    StudioBuyer New Member

    hi everyone, i wanted your opinion on a remraam property i have been offered. Its a 1bedroom of 846 sqft and the selling price is aed 1020/Sqft. is this a good price to buy? it is already 15% paid to the developer. pls share your opinions. thanks
  9. X-MAN

    X-MAN New Member

    It is a good offer.
  10. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    It's a good offer. My friend picked up at Dhs 1070 psf.

    Try another shot at bargaining.


  11. StudioBuyer

    StudioBuyer New Member

    Thanks a lot...X-Man and Roshan for all the help! I will try and make another offer to the seller..but if he does not accept, then will go ahead at this price....
  12. SAVIO

    SAVIO New Member

    have you bought your apt in remraam yet
  13. SAVIO

    SAVIO New Member

    am looking for one myself?
    anyone interested in letting go off a remraam 1 bedroom!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Raymond Kuceli

    Raymond Kuceli New Member

    I have a large 1 2 and 3 bedroom available it will be a very good premium but you will have commission and transfer fee. email me if you are interested and I will get the information to you [email protected]
  15. DubaiMuse

    DubaiMuse New Member

    Well my brother has been offered the following for his apartments in Remraam (phase 3). Can anyone please advise if according to market rates these offers are good ?

    For 1 bed room : 1250/sqft...about 17.37 % premium net
    for 2 Bed room : 1185/sq ft....about 15 % premium net (buyer is paying cash on spot, rather than financing, on this one)

    All of these were Net...

    Please kindly let me know what you guys think of these offers ? My brother wants to sell these ones now and the remaining he has after City Scape. If anyone can advise that would be great.

  16. Hussain70

    Hussain70 New Member

    phase 2, 1272 sq ft of which 300 sq ft terrace. OP 1,021,020. I would settle for 26% premium only. No commission charged as I am the owner.
  17. rasha1312

    rasha1312 New Member

    hi all for remraam best deals plz contact me no commission charges and some of my apartments the seller will pay also 2% transfer.
    my email rasha.mashni at gmail dot com
    050 5443471
    my prices cheap max 1200 aed per sqft and some 1030 aed / sq.ft 1050 and much more
  18. MyDamac

    MyDamac Banned

    Remaraam (Phase II)

    Area 588, Studio
    Garden View
    Original Price: 538,020 AED
    Selling Prcice: 1300/Sq ft
  19. DubaiMuse

    DubaiMuse New Member

    Can you please let me know what is your demand (in per/sq ft) for 1, 2 & 3 bedrooms in phase 3. I want the Nett (not inclusive of transfer or commission).

    Also since you mentioned that you have a lot of sellers with you. Can you also tell how much people are inquiring about remraam. Just so that we may know generally how much people are interested in this. Cuz some people are claiming that either people are waiting for cityscape or are just cautious/scared because of global financial inquiries/interest/demand is low ??

    Just wanted to know your opinion.

  20. rasha1312

    rasha1312 New Member

    hi. the demand now on remraam high cause city scape is near , but to tell u the truth the project is selling it self cause the developers r strong cause the location is perfect , and as u know remraam project will be the gate of al bawadi project( which will have the best 5 stars hotels in the world) thats y alot of investers invest in remraam.beside its a gated community matchs with all u need.
    and alot of reasons...
    the prices r diffrent cause i have diffrent owners so it depends some they need money and cash and some short term investment beside my own apartments.
  21. hamad.a

    hamad.a New Member

    i have 1 BD, 1369 sqft @ 1200 AED
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