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Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by Norbert, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. Norbert

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    Another MCMV project.

    Has anyone actually invested in one of the many, and is totally happy with it?
    Did they get what was promised to them?
    Was it easy to sell?
    After taxes, currency loss (gain), money transfer fees, and interest they would have made at home, how much did they ACTUALLY make net/net?

  2. Norbert

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    No difference

    129 people have read my questions, and yet non of them was able to explain the difference?
    That's not good.

    Does that mean it is basically the same like all the other MCMV projects?

  3. DTC

    DTC New Member

    Hi Nobert,

    As I have posted in another thread:

    In my opinion, it is impossible to make any profit. In fact I really doubt that this could be interesting to any foreign, as this is a benefit given to Brazilian people who cannot buy their own home without this benefit. And the Brazilians must prove that they need this benefit.
    Another point, they charge interest, taxes, restatements and so on, that would take all the possible profit.
  4. Norbert

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    It benefits the Developers, no doubt

    The Developers have not responded.
    Not even happy 'investors', hastily created by the developers, have responded.

    That tells me enough!

  5. PeterV

    PeterV Banned

    not smart

    Whilst this is the only Forum they should read!

  6. debzor

    debzor New Member

    Not all developers are involved in MCMV...! In fact I think the vast majority are not - possibly the reason for the lack of reply?
  7. woodyket

    woodyket New Member

    You will find most developers will not respond to negative forum posts anyway as it usually ends up in a who can get the last word in battle. From my experience, a good proportion of negative posts are made by people with stakes in competing businesses or interest in other developments, so the attempt to satisfy questions is usually futile.
  8. Norbert

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    Lost case

    From my experience a good proportion are made by people who have been seriously hurt. And don't want others to become a victim either.
    And let's face it, the Nordeste is very high on the list of failing and delayed developments.
    A director of the Palma Do Mar scams in Paraiba, e.g., happily started selling MCMC. No shame whatsoever!

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  9. Erik C.

    Erik C. New Member

    Living in Brazil that should come as no surprise to you.
  10. sven

    sven New Member

    As a foreigner, you can buy a Minha Casa Minha Vida program residence if you:
    - are a resident
    - make less than R$ 4.650,00
    - have no real estate
  11. RainerR

    RainerR New Member


    From what I read, the quality of these houses is lousy.
    And there are numerous problems with these get-rich-quick developers.
    How are small investors protected against them?
    And why are these developers in Brazil all from the UK and Spain?

  12. lutjebroek

    lutjebroek New Member

    As you may know, these houses are social building projects to provide Brazilians with houses that are reasonably priced.
    These are not meant to be cheap investing objects for foreigners.

    That is why the quality is not as high as the spoiled european may expect.

    But anyway, you probably can´t buy one if you are residing in the Netherlands, not being a resident of Brazil. You don´t have to worry about the investment, as it seems to be meant to be an investment, but meant to be housing for the owner.

    Why foreign investors participate in these projects seems clear to me, but I leave it to your imagination. I may have to do with making profit from government financing.
  13. RainerR

    RainerR New Member

    Spoiled European?

    Please clarify SPOILED.

    Many developers (seemingly all non-Brazilians!) are marketing these projects outside Europe. That seems odd, doesn't it?
    Why would English or Spanish developers, who operate from Europe, sell Brazilian developments to non-Brazilians.

    There is a lot of negative publicity on these MCMV projects.
    I read about one of those projects collapsing after a heavy rain .... hardly worth even a 'reasonable' price.

  14. lutjebroek

    lutjebroek New Member

    Brazilians have a different sense of quality than Europeans (I know it is a generalisation)

    I have reasons to believe Sven better than anyone else as it comes to Brazilian law. I would not call it ODD.
    (it is for the same reason they don´t show a CRECI, or have prices in USD)

    And who is responsible for that?
  15. debzor

    debzor New Member

    I have mentioned this before, but if you do not 100% fully understand MCMV investments, including all the laws, pitfalls, etc - STAY WELL AWAY! It is possible to make money, but do not consider it unless you are an expert in the subject, know precisely what you are getting into, and are prepared to take the gamble.

    In other words - if you have to ask for advise on this forum, then MCMV investments are not for you...

    As far as other property is concerned, as a simple rule of thumb: avoid any and all adverts that promise a great return, in English with no link to a Brazilian office, in a currency other than reais. In my opinion especially avoid people who make persistent sales calls by phone
  16. sven

    sven New Member

    If getting rich quick would work, the world would be full of Bill Gates etc.
  17. sven

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    Really, you think that's why ???:laugh::laugh::laugh:
  18. sven

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    you mean this one?

  19. RainerR

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    That's the one!

  20. RainerR

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