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France in line for property boom on Sarkozy victory

France’s flagging real estate sector, like its economy, could turnaround over the coming years with the victory of Nicolas Sarkozy in the presidential election set to usher in a series of reforms that will benefit homeowners and property investors. From: www.landsnatch.com


Sarkozy Royal Debate

Sarkozy won this , he is the man to lead France, and get away from Socialism. 35 hour weeks. France needs a push forward to reform. It can only help economics a movement to the right.


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Really? can you much more specified or give a good example for what you've post? for me or to other to convince to invest in France.

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Property for Sale in South West

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With prices dropping in many areas, at best stable in others, there is no reason to jump into this market with both feet. As for Nicholas Sarkozy, he is determined to reform the country, but a miracle worker he is not. When his reforms do get implemented the effects on the real estate market will certainly take years to be felt. If interest rates begin dropping in France and if the country avoids a recession, then it might be time to consider again. But the country has already experienced a phenomenal period of price inflation from 2000-2006, so I think that the fun is going to be over for a good long while. I would advise that you start looking at it again about June 2009.... and even then be cautious! Many locals have been priced out of the market already.
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