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Discussion in 'General Property Investment Discussion' started by Anon Private, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. Anon Private

    Anon Private Member

    I have seen a few flats in the same complex. All have pros and cons, and all are different prices.
    Is it best to try and put them in order and then make offers. Or make offers on all and see which is the better deal

    UK rsident
  2. diyhelp

    diyhelp Active Member

    While not wanting to put all of your eggs in one basket I would not make blanket offers. This might indicate to sellers (people do talk) that there is good interest when much of that could be down to you. Try a cheeky below listing price offer on your preferred property and see what kind of response you get.
  3. realdeals

    realdeals Active Member

    Agreed, making blanket offers across the board might give the impression there is demand and effect asking prices.
  4. totallyproperty

    totallyproperty Administrator Staff Member

    Are they all with the same agent / different agents?

    What are the differences in the flats that are prompting the variety of prices? Are some a bigger square footage? Does one have a balcony? Are some in better conditions and do some need refurbing?

    I would do a bit more research into each one first. Are you looking for a buy-to-let?
  5. Longterminvestor

    Longterminvestor Administrator

    How long have these properties been on the market? This might give you an example of the strength of the local market - also, talk with estate agents to get a better feel for supply/demand of property and rental accommodation (if you are looking at a buy to let situation).
  6. Nicholas Wallwork

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    The positive is that property is most often about the terms rather than the price (I.e. Do you want a longer time to complete, do you need finance and time to get that sorted etc) and it's also about people and not property! So you need to find out which one of these sellers is the most motivated to sell and go for that deal... you don't need to throw offers about but talk to the agent(s) and view each flat and try to speak with the owners direct. Once you have done that you'll be on a good position to make the right offer and find the best deal of the bunch based on each sellers own circumstance...

    Good luck!

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