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Discussion in 'Australia Property' started by royston8h, Mar 15, 2014.

  1. royston8h

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    Melbourne being rated as the most livable city in Australia is certainly my dream place to retire. The suburb's scenary is awesome and relaxing.

    For those who are keen to invest in melbourne, which areas are the most lucrative one?

    Personally, i invested in plot of lands and a house near north west of Melbourne within 15-20km distance. Heard there will be new city developments by the local government to expand to the west of Melbourne.

    Any comments especially those who already live in Melbourne or intend to live/invest in Melbourne?

  2. totallyproperty

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    I have followed the Australian real estate market for many years now and have lost track of the number of times that so called experts have called the end of the property boom. The Australian economy is still relatively strong, the mining industry is still doing well and successive governments have proved very good at planning for the future - new industries, etc.

    I also know that areas such as Melbourne attract lots of expats and expat numbers are still growing in Australia.


  3. royston8h

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    Yeah. i believed in Aussie property market because it is one of the most resilent property markets during subprime crisis.

    Actually, aussie dollar is weakening now. it may be good to invest now or later.

    For the rest of australia, i am not sure too. But Melbourne certainly is a good place to invest by looking at its growth in urban/suburb population. Best part is the potential for rental market is great!:rock:

    Hope my dream to retire in Melbourne. I used to study in Sydney. I love aussie weather too.

  4. Joe_Black

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    I personally love the Kensigton suburb (Melbourne) and plan to buy a property there hopefully till the end of this year. I am doing my research currently, but if you have any personal experience or friends/ relatives who live in this area I will be glad to share some info with me. I will use the property for renting and I also believe the region have great rental potential.
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    Hi! Agreeing with this!

    Brunswick West, Bentleigh, Burwood East and Doncaster were some of the busiest markets.. Melbourne's an area that’s been in demand for quite some time now.

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