Medina Elvira in Granada

Discussion in 'Spanish property' started by Propertyinvestor, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. George

    George New Member

    Medina Elvira

    I bought my appartment in Suites for me the best place when i where there in granada to see the plots its next to the club house, and it had a golf membership included in the price, i bought it directly from the developer have a look on the website and you can see really good where are the developments,
  2. Peter Mitry

    Peter Mitry <B>Egypt Forum Founder Member</B>

    Resales In Medina Elvira Golf Resort

    My company has the biggest selection of resales in this top quality golf resort in Granada. We have 2 & 3 bedroom penthouses in Medina 23, Medina Fairways and Eden Golf - all at up to 20% below the Developers price...

    Medina Elvira Golf & Country Club - Andalucia, Spain
  3. DC

    DC Member

    This is a thread that should be looked at, it has alot of interest.
  4. jbotwood

    jbotwood New Member

    Do you have to use an agent to re-sell?

    Hi, I have an apartment in Medina Elvira 23 and want to re-sell it before completion, but the agency commisions will take a big chunk of the resale profits. Does anyone know if it's possibly to sell directly and bypass the agencies, and if so are there any risks or legal aspects to this approach?
  5. DC

    DC Member

    Of course you can sell directly if you have a buyer, get a lawyer to represent you and avoid the agents commission.

    Risks - you will make more money
    Legal - Your lawyer will sort it out.
  6. unicornmagus

    unicornmagus New Member

    I have just reserved a 4 bed penthouse and a 3 bed on this development after the initial buyer was not able to raise the second 10%. Spain is a new playground for me. Can anyone advise where I can research in depth taxes on rental and also company formation and taxes in Spain.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  7. DC

    DC Member

  8. unicornmagus

    unicornmagus New Member

    Thanks for the quick reply. I will take a look.
  9. Mercedes

    Mercedes New Member

    Im looking for a 2 bedroom garden appartment on fairways i have bought one but my brother is very interested,Do you know if any body is selling and at what price
  10. Mike & Pat

    Mike & Pat New Member

    Fairways apartments

    Unfortunately we only have a 4-bed penthouse and two 2-bed 2nd floor apartments left now but I may be able to get hold of a 2-bed ground floor apartment from someone else. I'll let you know.
  11. Dave23

    Dave23 New Member

    Mercedes, or anyone else

    If you are interested in something that will be completed earlier than fairways, expected around Q1 next year, I have a 3 bed 2 bath on Medina 23 that I'm interested in selling on.

    If you want more information drop me an email
  12. derek watt

    derek watt New Member

    hi , mike and pat, have you had any response to your message in selling your property at Medina Elvira, let me know please ,derek
  13. thelooney

    thelooney New Member

    This resort has lost the plot - rentals have not been found and no-one is getting paid. This is a money pit guys, stay away.
  14. thelooney

    thelooney New Member

    Stay away from this resort, the rentals have not been found and clients who completed a year ago still haven't received any money from the rental scheme. Most of the facilities are also on hold.
  15. DC

    DC Member

    Hi has any one else not been paid rental in this resort?
  16. thelooney

    thelooney New Member

    A better question would be, "Has anyone actually received any rent at all?"

    With the facilities no longer being built even private rental will extremely difficult.
  17. derek watt

    derek watt New Member

    Medina Elvira 23

    Which facilities are they no longer building? I have two properties there that i am trying to sell together with half the estate agents in southern Spain.
  18. thelooney

    thelooney New Member

    Guys - I recommend that you go to the eyeonspain forum for this community and others on the resort. There are plenty of answers there.:viking:
  19. benalplaya

    benalplaya New Member

    Granada is allways a good place to invest. Tourism and students.
  20. advoco

    advoco New Member

    Unfortunately as a holder of three unwanted investment properties in the Granada province I can't agree with you - the economy is moribund and properties plentiful. Stay away.

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