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ME Bank Dubai

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by tracey122, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. tracey122

    tracey122 New Member

    I need to setup a bank account in Dubai, at the moment I need to set one up as a non resident which I know can be harder but know a lot of people have opened a ME account with Emirates bank as this is available to non residents.

    Has anyone done this recently and can talk me through the process of setting one up as it looks like i need to fill in an online form and then do I get a call and how long does it take?

    Also I'm a bit confused on how the account works I went through the application just to see what questions it asks and it said with a ME account I can have access to a savings and Fixed deposit account if I want to set them up but then it asked whether I wanted Bronze or Silver package which I had to choose, is ME account not an account in its own right, in which case why is it asking you to open another account (Bronze/silver)?

    Hope that makes sense!!
  2. zombie

    zombie New Member


    Since you are not resident & would like to avail of simple banking requirements I would suggest the me classic price tier as you would not have to maintain a minimum balance for a small fee & you would ba able to make international transfers via TT for a fee.

    You can look at any of the major banks in Dubai as they all allow as per Central Bank rules, non-residents to open & maintain Savings Accounts in UAE.
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