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Maysan At Asmaran!!

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by Doctor Robert, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. Doctor Robert

    Doctor Robert New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I dont know whether you have heard about it or not, but Emaar Bawadi are launching their new product: Maysan this Monday!
    They are residential apartments and the first of their kind in Bawadi.

    Sounds like a good thing to me ;-)

    If anyone has any info about it, please share!!
  2. LuckyNumber

    LuckyNumber New Member

  3. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    i have registered and my entry number is B47. Got my 2 uncles registered aswell at B52 and B73.

    I guess there are 46 ppl in front of me and 300 appartments up for sale. One appartment for one person thats what I have heard. So I am hoping I will get something.

    You can read more about it here

    Emaar Bawadi launches Maysan Towers in Asmaran

    I am guessing the prices will be over a million.

    Wish me luck guys :D
  4. propertyfinancer

    propertyfinancer New Member

    I have a client willling to buy apartments at asmaaran for a premium of 5%. If youdo get hold of it at the right price whic usually doesnt happen coz emaar usually sells it to their hidden agents before it opens to common man, just contact me at 0504549938 or at propertyfinancer at gmail dot com
  5. propertyfinancer

    propertyfinancer New Member

    Rumours are price will be AED 1500++ per sq ft and only 100 official apartments will be sold. Rest you will see agents selling for 7% premium (includes 2% transfer)
  6. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    well you are right the price was over 1,500dhs.

    I was able to pick up 3 one bedroom appartments.

    one for 1.45 million dhs located on 4th flooor

    two for 1.85 million dhs one located on 16th floor and the other one 22nd floor.
  7. New_Investor

    New_Investor Banned

    I bought Badrah 2 at prime location and highest floor (6th) at 1617 dhs

    i hear that prices will be minimum 2000 by year end?!! any ideas about this? or do u think it's possible within 5 month?
  8. Doctor Robert

    Doctor Robert New Member

    Badrah? Meh

    Hello everyone,

    I attended the Maysan launch yesterday...and it was intense.
    It was not the chaos we have seen at other launches, nor was it the calm process of yet other launches.

    It seems like everyone wanted a piece of this new thing, this Maysan, even though no one really knows what Asmaran is. Well, that was until yesterday.

    The full masterplan was finally revealed, and they were playing a fly though which showcased what living there would be like. And I must say, if it is really going to be like that, I want in!

    Unfortunately, the letter I was assigned (online registration) was too high up. But I did manage to get inside (still wish I could have bough).

    This is not something I would flip right away, to tell you the truth. Well, I guess that depends on how my cash flow is doing at the time of purchase :D

    What I would do is keep the thing until completion, move in or rent it out. I guess its going to be like living right on Times Square or the Vegas Strip (minus the casinos!) ;)

    Which brings me to me next question: is anyone selling anything for a good deal?

    ps: I have been talking about Maysan, not Badrah. So please, no Badrah responses!

  9. Uguru

    Uguru New Member

    I've been in Dubai for a little over a year now and yet to successfully buy a property from a developer. I have been to 7 launches this year and still no luck. This maysan thing was no exception, it was like gold rush in the desert. I waited and waited and waited only to go home empty handed (food was good though) :). If any one can share his/her secrets on how to get in and buy :confused:(without paying a premium please!!) It'd much appreciated.
  10. Doctor Robert

    Doctor Robert New Member

    Hello Uguru,

    It seems that it is the luck of the draw!
    One thing that does seem to help though, is to call up their customer care service and / or to sign up online for more information!

    As far as Asmaran is concerned, I went down to the sales center yesterdat and met with some of the salesmen. So who knows? maybe they will add me to their "friend list" lol
  11. firstinvestor

    firstinvestor New Member

    i've got 2 2bedroom units.. at maysan..
    the next launch twr 3 - prices will be up.
    so it makes sense to buy at a premium from the lucky 300 who go it at the 1st launch.

    its a long term game.. if anyones interested.. feel free to ask me the details
  12. zoobai

    zoobai New Member

    I have heard that the next tower will be launching in the next couple of days this is what a potential seller of a maysan unit has told this tru or fibbs?
    can anyone shed any light on this
    thank u!
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