Martin Roberts 3 day traning



Hi All,

Last w/e I've attended a Martin Roberts 3 hours meetings where they were talking about how to make money from properties, just to get an idea of what they are trying to do, to be honest i got the impression the whole system there is working on convincing me to buy their 3 days training for 997 pounds and i'm asking myself if those guys are making so much money (as they are saying there) from properties and they have so much passive income why on earth would they work so hard and use convincing marketing ways to try and manipulate people to buy these courses. I'm not saying that these courses might have efficient info in them but, give me a break and don't try to cheat me with rubbish.
If anyone has experienced these courses or have his own idea about them i would be happy to hear, maybe I'm just so paranoid and didn't get the idea p