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Discussion in 'Caribbean Real Estate' started by red58fox, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. red58fox

    red58fox New Member

    Hi to all

    a newbie here. i am thinking of purchasing property in margarita isle as an investment. what do people think about this. it does not appear to be mentioned in forum - is this because people don't rate it much.

    looking to buy either 2 bed flat for around 40 -50K or house for around £80 - 90K. Dont need mortgage necessarily.

    would probably use it myself but that is not the primary aim.

    have considered morocco saidia - but that is now becoming expensive to get anything in decent plot, size etc. possibly considering croatia, montenegro
    although dont know too much about them yet. have already got something in bulgaria. dont want egypt, dubai, germany.

    any thoughts???:confused:
  2. investor27

    investor27 New Member

    hi, not heard of margarita isle, where is it?, have also just sent you a PM with other countries that may interest you.
  3. investor27

    investor27 New Member

    thanks for advising on loaction, i personally would only invest in countries that are a max of 3 hours flight time from the UK... oh & countries that have low cost airlines flying in also helps..
  4. red58fox

    red58fox New Member

    flights from Manchester are a big plus for me as this is my nearest airport and i hate having to change at heathrow etc. it is possible i would be looking to stay there for 2-3 months of year in a couple of years time so direct flights are important to me.

    i know it is not the cheapest place to get to from uk but as pointed out a lot of people who holiday there are from usa and southern america . For this reason i would be putting it in hands of rental management team who advertise in these sort of areas as well.

    property prices there do seem cheap at moment
  5. red58fox

    red58fox New Member

    thanks for the imput.
    i had considered ne brazil but later rejected it. I think you are right land is better than property.

    like the sound of montenegro, croatia and calabria but think the rental season in all of them will be too short.

    cape verde - not sure about the amount of building going on and quality as you say of some of the properties doesnt seem to be up to much.

    (apart from morocco) margarita is the one i like the sound of best. have you visited the island.

    I dont really like hotel units personally which is what has put me of buying them at lixus etc. morocco is still a thought - have sent you a pm re this
  6. deedee1

    deedee1 New Member

    Margarita Island!!!

    :) Hi all,

    Anyone looking at margarita island at all in the cribbean off the coast of Venezula???

    Could be a great investment- cheapest caribbean island left? Although it belongs to Venezula!

    * NEW Formula race track being built on the island. (costing millions£s)

    * Miilions being invested on infrastructure!

    * New aqua parks and theme parks being built!

    * New golf course emerging!

    * Increase in flights and tourism!

    * Capital growth on property of 20-30% yoy for the last 2-3 years!

    * Property starting prices from £40k +...!!

    Just wondered as was thinking of buying myself!!

    See ya D :)
  7. Margarita Dawn

    Margarita Dawn New Member

    Living in Margarita

    Hi red:) :)
    we are originally from the North East of England Newcastle and Middlesbrough area we moved hear to Margarita island March 06 with our 6 year old daughter, we now own a English bar on the beach in Player el Agua due to open in July 07 called the Rovers Return and we have also just recently bought a house in La mira n/r Player el Agua to make into a posada (B&B )we have a multitude of info and advice for anyone thinking ov investing or moving to the island, Margarita was recently on a BBC program for the best places to invest in 2007 any help we can give you just let us know from residency to cost of living.
    Amanda & Gary

  8. deedee1

    deedee1 New Member

    RE: Qs!

    :) Hi margarita dawn,

    Thanks for the offer to help with any questions etc!

    Just a quick few questions if you dont mind:

    Any latest news on the formula1 racing track thats being built there??? And also I ve heard there are a few golf resorts also being built any further info on this would be appreciated??

    Also what areas are the best to buy in ??and what are the worst ( to avoid areas)???

    Thanx D :)
  9. Andy10

    Andy10 New Member

    Living in Margarita

    Hi Margarita Dawn,

    I too have a question for you

    I have been looking at property around Playa El Agua and was wondering if you could advise on local schools (for a 5 year old). Are there any decent schools and what is the cost? Spanish speaking is not a problem.

    Thanks A.
  10. margaritabella

    margaritabella New Member

    Hi Gary,

    This is Anna, we also moved here from Newcastle (I am Venezuelan my husband British) We own a Real Estate company, still waiting for your text about meeting soon, next time we go to Playa El Agua I will look for your restaurant
  11. margaritabella

    margaritabella New Member

    We also have a 18 month old daughter, she is too young for school yet but my brother in law who also move here is bringing his family soon, we have been looking at few schools, there are some very nice public schools, also if you dont mind religion Catholic schools, private schools offer english and differents sports classes as extras.
  12. mitico67

    mitico67 New Member

    Hallo MD, I'm planning to visit Margarita at the end of september with my Venezuelan friend, who lives in Valencia, as I'd like to buy a property over there. Could you please tell me which are the best area to look into and the ones to avoid?Still didn't undrstand the exchange rate, my friend says that there is a grey, which pays almost double the official rate market but it is illegal. So if I buy a property how can I get the grey market rate?Do you think it is easy to rent out all year long?I got so many questions.....Let me know if I can send you a private email so to get info.thanks so much!!!!
  13. BrianE

    BrianE New Member

    I would disagree with DeeDee, as Vieques Island, just off Puerto Rico is probably the cheapest island in the Caribbean, it also has the largest National Park in Caribbean. As another sugestion for investment try St Thomas, in particular, Water Island which is 4 minutes water taxi from St Thomas, and another 5 minutes taxi ride from airport (2.5hrs flights from US). Try
  14. shm

    shm New Member

    Margarita island has been a popular destination spot for Venezuelans for many years.

    I think you have to consider whom your primary (rental) market would be which in addition to locals, would be the US more than European. Americans have little interest in going near anything in Venezuela, and Vieques you can forget about. It has gotten a lot of very bad press in the US because of the previous US military base there. It was a testing ground for US bombs/missiles and many claim the island has high cancer rates.
  15. BrianE

    BrianE New Member

    Military have left Vieques

    Vieques is booming with tourism, and is now the largest National Park in the Caribbean. The small area that was used for military training is now being cleaned as part of the Superfund, and the rumours of high cancer rates have been proved as just rumours, by more than one organisation. W Hotels are soon to reopen their refurbished hotel. There are also excellent diving/snorkelling areas, and many hiking areas. Very much an eco island, and easy to get to via Puerto Rico (25 minutes).
  16. margaritabella

    margaritabella New Member

    Here to help

    Hello all,

    I am here too help if you need any information about the Island, properties, cost of living or translation. Gary, we were going around Playa el agua Saturday and I could not find your restaurant, please let me know when can we meet, I am sure my husband will be happy to speak to you.


  17. nickproject

    nickproject New Member

    I'd love to hear more, does anyone know of a good website?
  18. margaritabella

    margaritabella New Member

  19. diga

    diga New Member


    Can someone tell me if Margarita isle's winds are strong enough for wind/kitesurfing?
  20. PeixeGato

    PeixeGato New Member

    Tell me more

    Hi Margeritabella,

    I'd lvoe to hear more about the island. I'm interested in terms of buying something to rent out to vacationers at this point. What is tourism like there? What is the big tourism season? Can you speak about whether there are any political concerns about foreigners buying property there?

    Any information you could provide (maybe you could walk through your process for moving there) would be very helpful. thanks!


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