Map of the regions in Hurghada

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  1. nutkenz

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    Does anyone have a complete map?

    • Dahar
    • Sekala
    • Intercontinental
    • Al ayhaa
    • ...
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    I am glad someone has already asked this. I have looked for street maps on the internet but have been unlucky. Maybe it's me! Can they be purchased in Hurghada from supermarkets?
  3. pentax man

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    hurghada map.

    Hi All,
    Whilst trawling the web Icame across this link:-

    Iraida Estate Agency Ltd ( Map)

    it is an interactive map-just click on the area you are interested in for the name
    of that area.
    Hope this helps
    Rod and Ann.
  4. propertastic

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    This is from the ebook version of my book.

    There are no actual defined borders and so it's a bit fluid.

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  6. nutkenz

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    K, thanks everyone :)
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  8. dave99

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    Good overview

    good for overview but not very detailed.

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