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Malaysian investments

Discussion in 'Malaysia property' started by Lewis, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. Lewis

    Lewis New Member

    My brother has just returned from a trip to Malaysia/Singapore. Whilst there he bumped into a journalist acting for an investment magazine researching the best investments in The Malay peninsula.

    We both lived in Malaysia (Malaya as it was then) many years ago and the seed of a family hideaway/investment was sown in his head.
    He didn't have the time to visit or research it further and as that is my forte he tasked me with the job (aren't I the lucky one?)

    This hack was not about to give anything away prior to reporting back to his masters.
    My brother tried to find out more - what he did get out of him was that the best projects he had researched for investment were in the hands of a broker based in Bath and the man to talk to was a Mr Davey.

    Now, I don't normally go out of my understood circle for sales/investment opportunities but my brother insists I take a look at the possibilities in Malaysia as they fit my company philosophy.

    SOOOooooo..... the big question is - Where can I find this chap in Bath?

    I'll find him under my own steam in the fullness of time but I just thought someone on here has probably met/spoken/e-mailed/invested with him and would save me a lot of time and effort.
    I don't even know the development name as I would have contacted the developer first and asked there. Any advice gratefully accepted - thanks.
  2. 9009Ali

    9009Ali New Member

    Hello Teepeeseller,

    I am a uk resident and have invested in a few properties in Malaysia (but not through Mr. Davey). I have a close contact who is currently uk based and will be moving the KL by the end of the year. If you want more details the pm me .. and I'll gladly pass the info I have


  3. Lewis

    Lewis New Member

    Thanks for the contact info Investy - Next time I'm in your neck of the woods I'll take you to lunch. I'm discussing the possibility of selling these props on my site also now. Keep in touch. Hope the new project in Bristol turns out right for you.
  4. lexus

    lexus New Member

    Hi Ali,

    Can you please pm me Malaysia investment details too.
  5. 9009Ali

    9009Ali New Member


    Email me at rab(dot)ali (at) swisslog (dot) com

  6. ariecol

    ariecol New Member

    teepee which is ur website pls?

    i graduated from bath, and worked in bristol as well. cabot circus looks real good in newspaper
  7. Lewis

    Lewis New Member

    As a rule I don't use this to promote my business. I just get a lot of fun from asking for and giving tips and advice and reading some of the absolute nonsense posted by some of the people who use this to advertize their own properties.
    PM me and I'll be glad to give contact details there.
    Good luck with whatever it is you have in mind.
  8. ariecol

    ariecol New Member

    ah ok. will pm u. just out of curiousity.

    i am happy to share knowledge as well. limited knowledge :D

    and yes i am very unhappy to see some of the poorly described project.

    yes i do sell my own prop as a private investor, but as neutral as i would like to be.
  9. ariecol

    ariecol New Member

    lexus how did u get on with ur loan application?
    i would like to learn the whole process and stages, as u r the first foreigner investor in malaysia tht i knoe

    i hope the loan office treats u well. he is pretty good in my case.
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