Made 150% from BAYP Tuesday ahaha proof



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Totally insane im up 170% hahahahahahahaha I just sold BAYP at a 150% gain in one day. I kept some for tomorrow.

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On 2/18/14 my Stock Alert BAYP made a 170% Gain!!!!! Homerun Jackpot baby!!!!! 200% to 700% since the alert I got in BAYP at $0.001 at 9:31Am I sent the text alert at 9:32AM I sent the Email alert at 9:35 and the other one at 9:37

The stock was stuck at .001 untill 9:50 so everyone had plenty of time to get inIt stayed at .0014 untill 11:30AM and then shot up like a rocket to .0022 by 12PM and shot to .0027 at the end of the day hahhahahaha JACKPOT!!! This stock wasnt a pump and dump it is still holding .002 and its up 700% for the day!!! Im up 170% I locked in most of my profit but i kept some shares for tomorrow just for the hell of it. Sign up for my email & text message stock alerts at Today was a solid 170% Gain with BAYP in one day with proof