mad taxi drivers in Sharm

Discussion in 'Egyptian Lounge' started by welsh janet, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. welsh janet

    welsh janet New Member

    These are the worst taxi drivers i have ever had to travel with, they travel at a speed that nearly breaks the sound barrier, doesnt very often use lights, attempts to deafen you with their music and tries to kill you while driving with thier mobiles to there ear.
    Are there any laws in this country to prevent lives being lost by incapable, greedy taxi drivers. Also if they know you cant speak the language they think they can charge you what ever they like. Not with me anymore i dont even ask the price of the fare i just give them it when i get out and it seems to work.
  2. Lsab

    Lsab New Member

    Oh I don't think it's just Sharm, it's not even just should see the driving standards in the Gulf plus taxi drivers in Bahrain have a terrible reputation for ripping off their customers. Have a look at these threads anyway:

    Which part of Wales are you from Janet?

    Best wishes
  3. danny

    danny New Member

    Welcome to Egypt.
  4. iain

    iain New Member

    Hi Welsh Janet

    On the plus side, if you get into one of the small blue and white minibusses, you can travel from Nabq bay to Old sharm for EG£ 5 i.e. 50p or for a couple of miles along the road for EG£ 1. Try that and spend the rest on improving your insurance!

    Alternatively you can hire a driver and car for a week for about GB£ 50-70 there is a post elsewhere about this.

    You are right about paying the right amount and just getting out - if there is ever a dispute just ask for a tourist policeman and he will ensure a fair fare.

    Good luck!

  5. welsh janet

    welsh janet New Member

    blue buses for women urgh

    Hi Ian thanks for your message, but as your not a woman you wouldn't know what hassle we have to put up with from the Egyptian men when travelling alone on a bus.
    I did try it once but was fed up of these mysterious hands that kept appearing , not a nice feeling i can assure you, all the best
  6. iain

    iain New Member

    Hey don't underestimate us men - first time I travelled in one of these some years ago I was given a red rose from a bloke!!

    Get a wig and a beard, but you still might have problems!

  7. welsh janet

    welsh janet New Member


    Hi again Iain,
    I thought I had problems ok i wont complain anymore, he he
  8. iain

    iain New Member

    Well in these elightened PC days we are not even allowed to be surprised - but I can tell you I was:eek: having said that it was all taken in good humour.

    Seriosly though, Aliosn uses these buses all the time and she says avoid all eye contact and dress conservatively (though when I was with her she was dressed in long shorts).

    It's also referred to in the thread "sexual Harrasment" and what some people have problems with is realising that you can't treat Egypt like Spain and have to give a little thought to the local customs (Though I'm sure this was not your problem).

    Just think women's institute and Hyacinth Bucket and give them a withering look!:D
  9. annethedonn

    annethedonn New Member

    They don't get out much over there and the old 'how's your father' isn't so not freely available like it is in the UK so you can't blame them for trying! It's like kids in a sweet shop! Not that I'm condoning it I'd be the first to give one of these pervs what for but when in Rome and all that. If you really want to offend a guy over there just say hal inta lootee then watch them get very angry lol! (i wouldn't actually recommend you do that!)
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  10. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi Janet - yes I use them all the time on my own. Have even gone all the way ( no not with the driver lol ) from Nabq to Old Market - Iain shame on you paying 50p it is 3le!!!

    We did have a few probs this time as one would not take the new 1le coins and they wanted 40le each from La Strada to ArabSat - told them it is 1le he wouldnt have it so we all got off and got on the one behind. Son got in another and the door fell off!!
  11. iain

    iain New Member

    Just coz I said you were in your long shorts;)

    I thought it was EG£ 3 to Naama and 5 to Old Sharm, blast I lost 20p
  12. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi Iain paid 2.5 to Naama and pretty sure it was 3 to Old Market but could have been 5 either way cheap as chips. One night we got cab back in early hours from Naama and he wanted 80le we said we would only pay 40 omg he drove like a lunatic with music blaring and when I told him to slow down he basically laughed at me and said you pay more!!

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