lumiere leeds site at a stand still

Discussion in 'UK Property' started by Minime, Jul 27, 2008.

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    Have joined the club (new members welcome so have a look, obviously more join the better)

    Meeting which will be on webair set I think for 29th July with this solicitor
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    Just read this on skyscrapercity

    The meeting was a great source of information, with investors joining together both live and through webinair, hosted by a representitive of Lupton Fawcett litigation team.
    The general feeling is that a class action could prove succesful, due to points below (among many others)
    a) The reasonable time elapsed (contract stating construction within a 'reasonable period'
    b) Frasers would be required in court to prove available funds, or guaranteed loans, to proceed with construction, with the feeling being they could not.
    c) No. of investors involved, showing to the court the magnitude of lack of faith in company/progress

    The decision to proceed was basically unanimous, and the more involved the less the individual risk and cost.

    If you weren't there, but are interested, go to the facebook site.
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    Most of the people purchase the house is to costly and easily hire. now we are providing to the very fast services. Yes, there will almost certainly be further drops in house values - but also a good opportunity for astute investors to pick up bargain properties and a good time for first time buyers to get on the ladder...:dancing:

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