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Discussion in 'UK Property' started by Minime, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. Sixgun

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    Thanks Benny,

    I suppose that's reality, though it may not seem like it to us.
    To be honest, I can wait it out the return of deposit, I just don't want to be seeing anymore demands for further payments.

    I know I'm fortunate as having only put down 2.5% deposit, so i realise there are others out there who wont share this view, and I sympathise with them
  2. Minime

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    Very confused now after reading the letter from O'Rouke Reid as to what direction to go now. I have been reading the thread manyoo on moneysupermarket mstr p has posted some good reading and is now forming an action group. He also states that there is a Lumiere action group I can't find details though.
    It would be great to join an existing group.
  3. Benny

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    After thinking about things over the weekend, I am going to complain to my sols o'rourke & to the law society as it seems to me that this is poor advice.

    Probably won't get anywhere but I think their Counsels view is flawed & the more letters the law society get I think the better.

    We could either just sit back & see what happens ie let the developers do what they want or collectively form an action group & appoint an independent solicitor, but obviously we need a lot of names for this.

    I also do not know of any current action group.
  4. Minime

    Minime New Member

    Trying to get someone to take charge of this group is the most important issue here . Manyoo have the same solicitors as us and are in the same situation. They are in the process of forming a group. I must find out If possible to join.
  5. offplanman

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    please keep me posted on possible legal action. Unclear if we can force them pay our deposits back.
  6. offplanman

    offplanman New Member

    Any more update on Manyoo?
    It's unclear how long we need to wait before any hope of getting our deposits back?
  7. Minime

    Minime New Member


    Spoke to a solicitor today. He said it would be very difficult to take proccedings agains Kw linfoot to try and get our deposits back before esimated completion in the first quarter of 2011. Spending thousands on solicitors when they have not broken their agreement as of yet.

    He also questioned the fact that O'Rourke Reid could not act for us if we had to take action.

    Had a look at Kwlinfoots web site today Welcome to KW Linfoot PLC - Pioneers of City Living they are 70% sold.

    I am in contact with Manyoo action group they are taking action so if they succeed their might be a chance for us.
  8. londonlondon

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    I am also interested in joining any group and am willing to pay funds to get my contract voided and my deposits back. Can someone create a website lumeire action group and start collecting apartment owner information so that we can all be on one platform. Many of us are on the skyscraper thread. Lumerie is selling apartments for 80K now. That is half of what I have paid and I find it disgusting that they are holding on to my money and at the same time selling apartments so cheap without discounting mine.
  9. Roz

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    I hope you could sort everthing out a get you full refund these things could sometime take a long time to sort out.


    PortfolioGate . com
  10. Nicolabbc

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    Looking for Lumiere Leeds investors


    I'm putting together a report for BBC news in Yorkshire and very interested to hear from any Lumiere investors. Please could you drop me a line on 0113 2247041. You can probably find me online if you need to check credentials.
    Many thanks
    Nicola Rees
    BBC Look North
  11. Benny

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    I complained to the law society about my sols O'Rouke Reid.
    They advised that they could not take it further as it was down to me challenging their advice. Only thing they said is that as far as I was concerned I was not given a choice of Solicitors ie appointed by developers but they refute this & claim everyone had a choice of which solicitors to use which is news to me, but without proof.....................

    Just noticed that Leeds Council have refused planning permission for the revised project I think that means the extra floor they were putting on but original permission remains
  12. Minime

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    I'm putting together a report for BBC news in Yorkshire and very interested to hear from any Lumiere investors. Please could you drop me a line on 0113 2247041. You can probably find me online if you need to check credentials.
    Many thanks
    Nicola Rees
    BBC Look North[/QUOTE]

    If you go to Lumiere | On Hold | 172m & 113m | 55fl & 33fl - Page 125 - SkyscraperCity plenty of talk on Lumiere there
  13. Sixgun

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    Originally Posted by paris43
    The existing scheme scheme will never happen- (a) because there isnt a funder who would support it and (b) Fraser know that the default rate on finished apartments would be huge ( who would want to buy an apartment now worth £120k, for teh contracted say £200k?).
    We can get deposits back- but only by forming a large (very) collective group with a single voice and with a commitment to raise a call action if necessary. The developer is correctly assessing that, as individuals, no-one would want to shoulder that cost.

    Posted by Steve58
    Could we start, initially, by forming a list here of expressions of interest, of investors potentially willing to try this, obviously dependent on various aspects to be discussed, such as valid legal representation, individual financial requirements etc.

    I am interested, and would be willing to make a trip to Leeds for a meeting, if it seemed feasible with enough supporters of it.
    There is also a thread on Property Community we could spread the word too.

    The above shows some activity on Skyscrapercity thread, which may be worth supporting by interested investors looking to form collective action.
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  14. ajpomson

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    Facebook Group

    I have started a FB group to try and pull together as many people as possible

    what do people think? will you join? please spread the word, there are too many forums etc need to get everyone together in one place and so FB seems the most logical tool

    search on FB for "Lumiere Development in Leeds"
  15. ajpomson

    ajpomson New Member

    Facebook Group

    Please join the facebook group, if like me you invested in this scheme. Strength in numbers!

    just search within facebook for "Lumiere Development in Leeds"

    (if your not on facebook sign up! its worth it just for this! it provides by far the broadest and easiest way for us to all mass communicate)

  16. Sixgun

    Sixgun New Member

    Hi aj,
    A very good idea, have you also informed investors on the other site?, there's a huge thread and interest on there re: Lumiere
  17. Minime

    Minime New Member

    Anyone know whats going on in Manyoo in Manchester. I heard this has gone into administration and people will be recieving their deposits back. Isn't Linfoot part of this LLP ???
  18. Sell Property Fast

    Sell Property Fast New Member

    I have made to believe that lumiere has no other option but to refund the money.
  19. Minime

    Minime New Member

    Where did you get this inforamtion from ?
  20. punitalemon

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    Your City Office

    you are really too lucky you just paid little of the amount for appartment. Few people has paid 30% and lost there money due to crisis in the property market. You can go for legal procedings to claim your amount . But, don't forger to carry your documnets along with you .

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