Lots In Canoa Beach

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Interesting feedback...

What International Airport is the closest one to Canoa Q? And what is the travel distance?

Do anybody know what Airport in Brazil that have the "Easyest" connection to Denmark? In Time and price?

In other words where is the best place to buy a beach lot on the coastline of Brazil for a person that want easy travel from Kastrup airport in Denmark?
Nearest airport is Fortaleza International.It took me about 1 hour and 20 mins to drive to Canoa from there.The road is excellent all the way apart from the last few minutes or so which badly needs resurfacing.All the plots are close to the beach and even the furthest away is a five minute walk maximum.Some already have houses on them.
Not sure about Denmark.I am from the uk and bought AFTER seeing them not from an armchair.Some plots good ,some awful.Excellent advice given by the pros on this site.You must get into your longboat like your ancestors and travel there yourself (no rape and pillage allowed though!)


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Its nice to hear from one with first hand experience.

you say that some are awfull, in what way?

Yes I schould go on a "togt" like the wikings, I know that, the time is the problemo...
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