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Lots In Canoa Beach

Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by Brazilinvestments, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. Brazilinvestments

    Brazilinvestments New Member


    Any information about the project in "LOTS IN CANOA BEACH" would be very appreciated:

    Is there anybody in this forum that have actually bourgt one or more of these lots?

    How to check the developer? Anybody experience or information about the developer?

    I have heard that "Canoa Quebrada is a nice little fishermen city that today is preatty turisted, due to that most Brasilian wanna go there atleast ones in there life". Is there anyone who have any notion about this quote?

    I guess that when we see a offer like this on a webpage, its atbest sliegtely overpriced and at worsh completely overprices.

    Also do anybody know what the specific project most likely will deliver in terms of installations that goes to the land lot: water, electricity, roads ect?

    My hope is that this thread can be for everyone interested in buying or allready bourght in this project.

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  2. Jer

    Jer New Member

    I am going down to Brazil in April and plan on looking at these lots as well. Not sure as to elevation or condition of land. I would also be interested in any thoughts on these.

  3. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    It looks like (but not 100% sure as the plans are slightly different) a development which is in reality 3987 plots which were broken up again and redistributed as 1800 plots on a piece of land larger than the principality of Monaco which was being sent to agents as "an exclusive 100 plots near the sea".

    They often fail to mention that the 100 plots are the ones they have for sale, and that there are another 30 agents with a different "exclusive 100 plots".

    Due to the fact that they are both located on the same beach in the same state, some caution is suggested. On the development that I am referring to, at the time it was offered to me there was no planned tarmac for the roads, no sewage systems and and no running water distribution.

    All in all, as with any project you buy in any country, check the due diligence in detail and make sure you are 100% confident in the people who are helping you with your search.
  4. Jer

    Jer New Member

    Would that be the development where the outline of roads can be seen on Google Earth, just to the north of Canoa town? Looks ridiculously large.
  5. taureanjohn

    taureanjohn New Member

    Hi All,
    I bought a lot via Beachfront Brazil about a year ago. I had an additional clause put into my contract stating that the seller was committed to building the roads to access the subdivision once 90% of the lots available for sale were sold. So I expect this work to be imminent. I have been told the lots should sell at $20000 then.
    I was told electricity was already on site and it was just a matter of a few poles and power cables. I was also told that water would be drilled and sewage would be a septic tank and that the costs for these were included in their quoted house prices ( with it working out less if you shared the costs with the lot owner next to you).
    I have bought X11 -basically front-line- and the ground either side was not for sale- though I was told I might be able to negotiate a private sale later. I liked the idea of having no close neighbour. I am English and was intending to keep this for a second holiday home. However ,I have also bought at Taiba 1 and am considering selling either there or here. Anyone interested PM me.
  6. Seanlord

    Seanlord New Member

    can we be clear which lots we are talking about here? I visited the Fortaleza area in February and saw a few sites. I went as far North as Cumbocu to see the banana residence as i was offered a resale here at original price and also went down to Canoa to look at the sites there.I was not keen on the huge development to the North of Canoa and ended up buying a plot at Majorlandia which is just to the South.I also looked at plots down in Natal but they were a great deal more expensive there.
    Reading between the lines, i think that investmentbrazil and jer are talking about Majorlandia and in answer to the questions,these plots vary greatly in quality. Many are on a dune of soft sand and whilst i am no engineer i doubt that these could even be built upon.Generally speaking,the further back you go on the blocks,the better the view and the more solid the ground for a good foundation.There were not many left when i was there ,around 20 i think, so these are probably now mostly sold. If i would have had the money i would have bought more than one so if anyone wants to know anything about the area or this site, just ask.I think this sounds like the site that Taureanjohn has bought on too.
  7. Dotty

    Dotty Banned


    They may sell their land,but to build on dunes is illegal and i doubt will not be given the go ahead.MEU AMBIENTE.
  8. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    I think you mean "Nosso Ambiente" ? :p
  9. taureanjohn

    taureanjohn New Member

    Yes it was this development. The agent told me about the plots right on the beach-with tougher restrictions on what could be built-but he was not handling these. As I understood it, his plots were all raised on a promintory. Can I ask who you purchased through? I am heartened that you rated them highly.Did you buy primarily for investment or do you intend to build?
  10. Jer

    Jer New Member

    Just of clarify, the Canoa lots for sale from Beachfrontbrazil, are to the south of town? Between Majorlandia and Canoa? I'm trying to locate them on Google Earth. I see a couple buildings just south of a finished development, would that be it?
  11. Seanlord

    Seanlord New Member

    I have bought as a medium term investment though i may even keep long term,build and use for semi retirement.The beach and Canoa area i thought were extremely attractive and very peaceful too.You can easily walk to some local shops at Majorlandia for groceries and provisions and it is also close enough to Fortaleza to go in a few times a week for big city attractions.there is a even a c&A, Makro not far from the airport and all the films were in English at the multiscreen cinema which was a very unexpected bonus.
    They were not the very best plots i saw on my travels but they were definitely the best value twice as big and half the price of many others and as i say,i liked the area.The site is South of Canoa so that probably is it that you can see on google.
  12. Brazilinvestments

    Brazilinvestments New Member

    yes its the development just south of Canoa town.

    The issues about "building on sand" is that a real and big issue?? anybody with experience?? I have been told that its not a problem..

    How do I check the land at the notary office?
  13. Dotty

    Dotty Banned

    Canoa Quebrada is about 180 kms away from Forteleza,so to get too C&A and Makro youll need your camp bed ! If you know the road it is pretty horrendous and full of pot holes .Better to queue for the Natal-Foteleza bus.
  14. Brazilinvestments

    Brazilinvestments New Member

    Interesting info,

    cos according to "beach front brazil":

    "It is located just over 1 hour’s drive east of the City of Fortaleza with direct air service from major international gateways, making this an ideal setting for a beachfront real estate investment. Here in Northeast of Brazil you will find the undiscovered beaches you have dreamed about. Beaches of quiet solitude, sparkling white sands, and warm waters."

    So again is this deleveloper trust worthy???
  15. Dotty

    Dotty Banned

    Is this another overseas developer without experience in Brazil??Please be very cautious.What company is it by the way?I would not say 180 km is over an hour more like 2 and once you hit the city expect more time because it is heavily conjested with large truks and buses.So if you want to stock up on meat take a mini freezer with you aswell.
  16. Dotty

    Dotty Banned

    With any planning and development in Brazil there are mountains of paperwork.You cannot just buy a piece of land and do as you please with it.There are all kinds of rules and regulations especially in sandy areas about if you can build or not.It is simple to buy land but more difficult to get authorization to build and lots of waiting and waiting.
  17. RalphJ

    RalphJ New Member

    I have a good friend that is brazilian and he and his family owns most of the beachfront land in Aracaju and they own a lot of other property in Bahia. He is a specialist at getting building approvals or approvals for "loteamento's", which is simply buying a piece of land to break into lots and sell. As this is what he does, any day now he'll be selling lots in a brand new beachfront loteamento here in Aracaju and he also designs projects, gets the approvals, then sells the approved project to a builder normally in exchange for units and cash.....And he can tell you, as he has told me, even for a loteamento, which is much easier to get permissions than a finished construction project, it takes HIM a minimum of 15 months from the time he begins the process until he receives permissions. And as I stated, he is a local brazilian here in Aracaju that his family has been here for generations AND he knows the process like the back of his hand, as well as the people involved in the process for the local, state, and federal gov't. depts, extremely well.

    For someone to come to Brazil with a pocketful of cash and think he's going to start building a construction project or buy some land and start selling lots within 18 months of arrival is an absolute pipedream.
  18. Dotty

    Dotty Banned

    Ralph ,I find it incredible what I read on these posts.I mean there are clearly many people without any experience at all and are so naive to believe that Canoa is almost next to the airport and it is easy just pop in the car and go to C&A .I had no idea business was so easy to do amongst the Brits.I think I should try to become a developer and sell in Açu that would be fun.5 minutes stroll to stunning beaches with fabulous restaurants and all amenitites at airport close by(5 hrs journey+)............
  19. Brazilinvestments

    Brazilinvestments New Member

    Interesting feedback...

    What International Airport is the closest one to Canoa Q? And what is the travel distance?

    Do anybody know what Airport in Brazil that have the "Easyest" connection to Denmark? In Time and price?

    In other words where is the best place to buy a beach lot on the coastline of Brazil for a person that want easy travel from Kastrup airport in Denmark?
  20. Dotty

    Dotty Banned

    The closest is International Airport is Forteleza(180km)approx 2 hours providing traffic is good.
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