Looking to rent a studio in Al Hamra in RAK

Discussion in 'UAE Property' started by Borderless, May 30, 2015.

  1. Borderless

    Borderless New Member

    Dear All: I will be moving to UAE / RAK in the near future and interested in renting a studio for 6 months... in place close to RAK main office - possibly in Al Hamra.
    Any tips and guidance will be welcome.
    Thanks in advance,

  2. AlanMac

    AlanMac New Member

    I lived in Al Hamra for a while, it is really nice there, however I commuted into Dubai every day and the drive nearly killed me on many occasions (other crazy drivers) so ended up moving back to Dubai.

    If you are looking for a studio, I would suggest either the Golf Apartments down by the Al Hamra Mall or the Royal Breeze apartments, which are really nice, but command a higher rate as 50% of them have a beach view.

    If you want I can PM you the name of a very reputable agent in Al Hamra area who should be able to help you.
  3. Borderless

    Borderless New Member

    AlanMac: Much appreciate your reply to my post. I will be planning to work in RAK so hopefully will not have a daily commute to Dubai. Yes, please PM me the name of the agent. Also would be good to have an idea on the rent per month.

    Regards and thanks again, Boderless
  4. anshu_22

    anshu_22 New Member

    yearly rent is also available to rent property in UAE.

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