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looking to purchase studio

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by hannah, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. hannah

    hannah New Member

    need studio in jvs.
    size around 400 sq ft.
    priced around 900/950 sq ft.
    any body got any thing please let me know.

    thank u
  2. Yasir

    Yasir Banned

    Have a Studio for Sale in JVS Jouri 2 .. Size 432 sq ft .. but the price owners asking is 975 .. If u r interested i can negotiate with him ..
  3. hannah

    hannah New Member

    thanks 4 ur mail, i dont prefer jouri already been offered there quite few, do u have anything else?
  4. bluelight

    bluelight New Member

    any issues with Jouri
    please share as I am looking into buying some studios as well
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