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    Hello everyone,

    My name is Pantelis, i work in real estate here in Panama city Panama, i am originally from Montreal Quebec. Real estate has been part of my life starting when i was just a kid. My family has been in the business since i was little. They taught me the ropes on how to buy real estate and how to manage it. I moved to Panama almost 3 years ago and started to study the market here. In the end i decided i wanted to pursue it as a career. I also have friends and family here in Panama who also helped me understand the tricks of the trade here in Panama. I look forward to meeting investors and other real estate agents from other places to further expand my knowledge and exchange ideas and information. Also i can help people whom are interested in purchasing real estate here in Panama but don't know or that are unsure about the market.

    Why invest in Panama?

    - Prices per square meter are relatively lower versus other paces i have seen.
    -Strong economic growth.
    -Most property's have a 20 year tax exemption, depending on the year they were built.
    -Lower cost of living.
    -Panama is the central hub of the Americas
    -Rentals yield approximately 8% Roi
    -Panama was ranked one of the freest economy's.
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    Hi @Pantelis and welcome to the forum!

    I'll move your post to the relevant section I hope that's ok as it's a specific area...

    We look forward to hearing more about your experiences, deals and knowledge about buying real estate in Panama!


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