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Discussion in 'Caribbean Real Estate' started by lurife, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. lurife

    lurife New Member

    Do you want to buy a property in Costa Rica?

    Tell us what are you looking for and we will find it for you!

    We have lawyers willing to explain and help you trough the process of buying a property here in my country.

    Call Luis at:

    (506) 830-0266
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  2. Crashklein

    Crashklein New Member

    Hi Luis,

    Are you an Attorney? Can you tell me where I can find out what Costa Rican taxes I will be responsible for, if I buy and sell property in Costa Rica?
  3. jvizman

    jvizman New Member

    CR property taxes are very resonable! but they are changing!
  4. Crashklein

    Crashklein New Member

    Do you have any experience with US Taxes on a Costa Rican investment?
  5. jvizman

    jvizman New Member

    yes but i would suggest you use a good tax attorney!!!! the laws in the US are a very delicate subject! so i would not feel very comfortable giving advice. i live here all year round and there are some huge tax breaks but once again talk to your guy.
  6. Crashklein

    Crashklein New Member

    Ok, thanks

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