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Looking for the right investment

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by jorgio12, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. jorgio12

    jorgio12 New Member

    Hi I'm looking for the right investment
    I have been offered a unit in JVS for 980dirham p/sf but than I found out that the size of the appartment is gross area and I had to pay for the Gross area and not the net area which added extra 15% to the price.
    Anyone knows what is the going price p/sf in JVS at the moment and if the deal I have been offered is a good deal?
    Any one knows about a good deal with the easiest payment terms possible
  2. sara sentor

    sara sentor New Member

    Hey Jorgio12, Dubai offers many commercial and residential projects and you can easily come across the one best suited according to your requirement.
  3. mpat

    mpat New Member

    I think you can find for 800 to 900 PSF in JVS at present.But look for good payment plan,these days some developers are giving monthly 2 % payment plan also,Which should ne around 12 to 15 k AED.Look for Spotrs city amd IMPZ also.They are near by ares and work is progressing very fast there.
  4. DAYFox

    DAYFox New Member

    If you can go up to 2000-2500 per sqfet you should have a look at Business Bay!
  5. jorgio12

    jorgio12 New Member

    Hi dubaiboy
    Do you know any good investments with good payment plan in JVS or the areas you mentioned?
    Can you explain more on the 2% payment plan because I dont understand
  6. mpat

    mpat New Member

    What is your budget ? Do u want a 1 bed , 2 bed or studio ?
    2 % payment per month means , At booking you need to pay 10% , after 2 months 10% and after that every month 2 %.That will come around 10 to 15 k AED.
    I can suggest you some good project based on your budget and requirements.Farooki has put a good payment plan in another thread at DSO,but its a lease hold.You can look at that also,
  7. jorgio12

    jorgio12 New Member

    my budget is up to 850k diram and i'm only after freehold property.
    What have you got at jvs as i been told it is a good place to invest.
    doesnt matter for me if 1 bedroom or two as long it good investment.
  8. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    New launches by Al Faraa for their Mulberry town houses were in the range of Dhs 1100. You could find better deals in secondary market but with an advanced stage of payments.

    850 to 950 I presume would be the rates in JVC.


  9. jorgio12

    jorgio12 New Member

    is it 850 -950 p/sqf net or gross area?
    does anyone knows anything about Bangash properties (developers)
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2008
  10. mpat

    mpat New Member

    yes I know about bangash and I was going to tell you about them,They have a pre launch at present in JVS and they seems to be good developer,I have seen myself that they are working at Sportscity in a well managed professional manner,even though that one is their first development.Give me your mail ID and I will forward you their price list and details.I was about to invest in this project with them but finally decided otherwise due to some other investment in pipeline.
  11. dpc

    dpc New Member

    JVS now sells for 850 for a low rise building. However, I can still get rates at 750 per sq foot for any who are interested. I was fortunate enough to have bought myself at 695 per sq ft last month in Lawns 1, which is am amazing rate. Lawns 1 will complete in Dec 2008. The rates for 750 per sq ft are available on Lawns 1-4. These are still amazing rates and I would have bought more if I could. Crazily, Lawns resales are currently going for 825-850 per sq ft. Contact me if you are interested.

    On a personal note, I believe JVS is going to soon have the same reputation of Jumierah Village (Springs, Meadows ...). Nakheel masterplanned with facilities like international schools, hospitals, parks, lakes, cricket and football pitches etc... Similar areas like the existing Jumierah Village are upmarket, incredibly sought after and a wonderful place to live (I went there two months ago). I firmly believe JVS will be the same.

    In terms of investment, I think this will see a huge rise in capital appreciation for JVS developments once they near completion. JVS is probably my favourite area in Dubai - ( I personally invest in, give consultancy on and sell property in Dubai). Please contact me if you are interested in JVS at a genuinely great price 750 per sq ft.
  12. papakilo

    papakilo New Member

    Hey Dubaiboy,
    please could yu send me details of Bangash as well.
    Also any other suggestions for Freehold villas in Dubai upto AED2million.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    please let me know at paraag.dave at gmail com
  13. papakilo

    papakilo New Member

    Hey Dubaiboy,
    please could yu send me details of Bangash as well.
    Also any other suggestions for Freehold villas in Dubai upto AED2million.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    please let me know at paraag.dave at gmail com
  14. Go West

    Go West New Member

    Hi dubaiboy
    I will appreciate if you forward my name or email about this development as I was the one who actually did all the work finding you this property as part of my Buyers agents service.
    Yes of course part of the deal working with me is that if you didn’t like or wanted the properties I presented to you there will be no charge for my service but PLEASE
    You must understand that I put allot of effort into locating good properties for my clients and in this case I spent quite a few hours searching for this investment and dealing with the real estate and developers who are offering this deal for you to meet your personal criteria of what you wanted and asked me to find for you
    Please respect my efforts.
    I appreciate your respect and understanding
  15. mpat

    mpat New Member

    Hi Erez

    Hi erez

    I was not intending to do what you thought.I explained the same to you in detail in reply to your private message to me.I hope you will recognise my intension and not feel upset.I WAS INTENDING TO FORWARD YOUR E MAIL TO JORGIO SO THAT HE CAN GET NECESSARY ADDITIONAL INFO FROM YOU AND PROCEDE IF FINDS SUITABLE.


    Let me know if you are still not convinced.

    With regards

  16. mpat

    mpat New Member

    Hi Paraag

    you look like gujaraati ? Are you ? kyaa na chho ? hu bharuch no chhooo.

    You can contact GO WEST as he s got a good investment offer with bangash.

    check with TAMWEEL for villas in Jumeirah village south as they are selling small villas with 97% finance at around 2.5 to 3 mill.

    Let me know if you want more info ,I will try to forward you the e mail.

  17. Go West

    Go West New Member

    Thank you Altaf
    I belive your pure intentions and apologize to you.

  18. Wannaberich

    Wannaberich New Member

    DPC are u sure JVS will have hospitals and schools?what concerns me about this area is how rentable it is?it seems to be mainly residential with few commercial properties whereas DSO,Media City for example will have many workers to rent to.I have looked at investing here but its a minefield,so many projects its difficult to know which building to buy into.
  19. mpat

    mpat New Member

    I think JVS will also have good rental capabilities since its closer to dubai's busiest industrial area Jebel ali and that is expandin at a very high rate.People will tend to move closer and closer to work to beat the traffic.But the rents will tend to be very attactive.
  20. Go West

    Go West New Member

    Dear Dobuy
    I firmly believe Jvs is a good area to invest in, as it is very close to other major developments.
    I agree with "dubai boy" about the people moving close to their work
    place, I believe that Jvs capital price will rise dramatically and investments will produce high rental return.
    Yes it is like a mine feild out there.
    To avoid down falls you need to choose the development you buy into by the location (within Jvs), developer reputation, and local knowledge of the market.
    this way you can't loose.
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