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Looking for someone to tour our clients

Discussion in 'Portugal Property' started by lukewd, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. lukewd

    lukewd New Member

    hi, i work at an overseas property company and am looking to form a partnership with a company in Portugal who can tour our clients.

    we have many people looking to purchase property in Portugal, and instead of sending a client directly to the developer, we are looking for a company who can show our clients multiple developments, and have the sales experience to close the sale if the client chooses so.

    we specialise in generating leads, telemarketing them, qualifying them, and booking them on an Inspection Visit to view property. However, we are looking for a company to actually take care of the clients once they arrive in Portugal.

    we sell primarily on the Algarve, and secondly on the Silver and Blue coasts.

    please contact me if you fit this description or if you could possibly recommend anybody else.

  2. wildperson

    wildperson New Member

    Hi Try a lady in the Alentajo very friendly,helpful,has good knowledge of Propertys in Portugal Her email is housesinportugal AT aolcom GOOD LUCK
  3. DAVID-S

    DAVID-S New Member

    Hello Lukewd,
    Dont Know If You Received My Private Reply,so I Thought I Would Post This Way,
    We Have A Licensed Real Estate Company In Albufeira,
    Been Trading For 9 Weeks Now.
    Wife & Me Been In The Business For A Few Years & Now Working & Learning From Other Companies Now Going It Alone,
    Our Other Partner Is An Architect,
    For More Info Contact Us,
    Dave.ourhome At Sapo Dot Pt
  4. silvercoast uk

    silvercoast uk New Member

    property viewings portugal

    We are currently selling property in the silver coast, showing clients and nagotiating sales and operate through a agency in Caldas Da Rainha, Silver coast. I would be interested to hear what package you have to put forward regarding your clients and perhaps after consideration and consultation with my partner, we could meet to discuss this matter further. I am interested so please leave you email in a post.

    yours in anticipation,

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