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Looking for Palm Jebel Ali Villa

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by dubai freelancer, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. dubai freelancer

    dubai freelancer New Member


    I have a direct client looking for a garden home in Palm Jebel Ali. Please reply or PM me with details. Middle fronds preferred with low premiums.

    Cash Buyer.

  2. mustufashah

    mustufashah New Member

    I have the option you are looking for at gr8 prices. If you are interested mail me at mustufashah at hotmail dot com
  3. Sean@Phuket

    Sean@Phuket New Member


    Hi Tanya I don't have a place in Palm Jebel Ali but I do have a place on the world, please contavt me back if you are interested.

    Thank you

    Sean Sapstead
  4. Billa007

    Billa007 New Member

    I have k frond high number. 150 premium. interested?
  5. Ros818

    Ros818 New Member

    Apartments on Palm Jebel Ali

    I know of some ultra luxury apartments selling at a very low base rate of 2800 per sq feet but it's located on crescent A. This was the Cityscape launch rate which still remains however I know that the rate will rise due to the Palm JA high demand. There is a combo of 1, 2 , 3, 4 bedrooms. It's a very interesting project.:cool:
  6. cheemz

    cheemz New Member

    Palm Jebel Ali
    Mediterranean - Type 1
    4 bedroom
    Plot: 6500 sq.ft
    BUA: 5000 sq.ft
    9,500,000 all inclusive...
  7. Billa007

    Billa007 New Member

    I see premiums for decent villas on pja have fallen from about 200% 6 months ago to about 150% now. How far do people feel these will fall, with the credit crunch and people having less cash to spend.
  8. Ros818

    Ros818 New Member

    Well, we at Azizi Investments do not sell villas only residential apartments and commerical. But may I ask where these villas are depreciating by so much as you claimed?? This is the first I hear of this. Please tell me what place in paticular. My thread was about Pam Jebel Ali, and I KNOW that your comment is not true for that area. Just curious to know the area you mentioned please. :confused:
  9. Hamidss

    Hamidss New Member

    4bed Townhouse Palm Jebel Ali

    Hi Tanya,

    I have a 4bed Townhouse in Palm Jebel Ali for sale.
    Direct Access to beach.

    email hamidss at hotmail if of any interest.
    Contact 00447710540730

  10. Ros818

    Ros818 New Member

    Actual price levels of Dubai property are low in global terms if you make absolute comparisons of price per square metre, or in relative terms if you look at rental yields which are sky-high particularly for commercial space and apartments. Already local villa prices have risen to compress yields.
    If oil prices continue at high levels, as economists expect given the global shortage of new sources of oil and the rundown of existing fields, then Dubai property is a no-brainer for the global investor.

    These are one of the comments directly from the newspapers, do your research... google it! There is info you can find on the reality of the Dubai market instead of predicting for yourself or listening to other peoples predictions or fears!!!
  11. LuckyNumber

    LuckyNumber New Member

    JA palm


    my partner and I have a property investment business.

    Our portfolio can be viewed at Quick Property - Luxury Properties Direct From The Owners In U.A.E.

    you can email me

    My partner has the inside track. Today he told me of a JA Palm Garden Home for 90% premium which I bet you any money you want is the lowest villa deal in the market.

    had I not got so much property that I need to pay for I would buy is a steal

    Email me and I will forward on the email to the broker

    Any overseas buyers that wants to invest, email me and I will see if I can help. Please no one with less than 1 million USD in cash to invest. I am not a broker nor do I profit from help. the people I work with do and I only send them clients that I know they will be interested in dealing with.

  12. pinky

    pinky New Member

    Prices have fallen. Yes I have done the research, just try selling a property on PJA. All the agents I talk to are telling me that the secondary market is slow. PJA is about the only thing selling but at lower prices.

    Its probably a safer market than most at the moment but its not unaffected.

    PS Water home for sale
  13. ngn97141

    ngn97141 New Member

    Distress Sale PJA

    I have a Palm Jebel Ali Garden Home for Sale
    Size 5000 sqft
    Gross 6500 sqft
    Op 3.15M
    Sp 5M
    20% paid

    NOW THATS THE CHEAPEST VILLA OUT THERE FOR GRABS !! 60% premium if I calculated that right !!

    contact me at
    ngn97141 at eim dot ae
  14. james8888

    james8888 New Member

    What is the place you have on the world, and what is the completion date and the price I may have some interest in this property.

  15. Pdubai

    Pdubai New Member

    I have a villa 60% pemium really good deal - let me you are still looking
  16. james8888

    james8888 New Member

    By the way I have a 3bdr townhome frond 3 available for sale would take a sensible offer around 5.75 dirhams.
  17. Kaur

    Kaur New Member

    I am looking to buy a garden home. I sent you an email . Pls get back to me.


  18. Kaur

    Kaur New Member


    I am looking at buying a garden home. If you have any available pls send the details to meetu.anand at gmail dot com


  19. Dubai_One

    Dubai_One New Member

    Adil100. can you tell me what is the payment plan for your Palm Jumeirah apartment and what would be the completion date as it is realy strange for Nakheel 10-10/80, I'll be waiting for your reply.
    Thanks a lot in advance
  20. revolutionary

    revolutionary New Member

    Does anyone have the payment plan for the waterhomes? This would be my ideal place about the time when they are likely to be ready (5 years?) and I think I can currently afford the prices being offered but would need to be sure I could handle the remaining payments.

    Possibly could do a swap with someone wanting an immediately available apartment in JLT as an alternative to their waterhome.

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