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Discussion in 'UAE Property' started by Laura113, May 5, 2014.

  1. Laura113

    Laura113 New Member

    Hello, I am looking for new property in UAE. Can someone please help?
  2. totallyproperty

    totallyproperty Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Laura113

    First of all welcome to the forum.

    What kind of property are you looking for and do you have a price range in mind?


  3. kradhank

    kradhank New Member

    Hi administrator
    If i am a premium member, can i give details about any property to sell laura113
  4. Veronica

    Veronica Administrator

    No sorry. Premium membership entitles you to advertise in the classified section but not to advertise or tout for business on the main discussion forums.

  5. totallyproperty

    totallyproperty Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Kradhank

    As my colleague has confirmed, and I clarified in my emails to you, it is against forum rules to openly tout for business. If you are a premium member you can list your properties in the relevant property sales/rental sections. You can also add a link to your website in your signature.

    We should be grateful if you would abide by the forum rules as they are the same for everyone.


  6. aazim

    aazim New Member

    Hi Laura,

    Just log on to Etisalat Yellowpages.ae. There you will find the list of all real estate agents and consultants in Dubai, UAE. Directly connect to the agents or property owners.

    If you find something new please share ..
  7. azanali

    azanali New Member

    Much of the real estate in Abu Dhabi has been focused around Abu Dhabi Island, with projects such as Reem Island, Al Raha Beach, Saadiyat and Lulu Islands garnering attention and investor interest.
  8. perfectchoice

    perfectchoice New Member

    Dubai property market is very slow now. Waiting for when it will be boom .
  9. corywaddoups

    corywaddoups New Member

    Which type of property are you looking for?

    You can hire a real estate agent or search new properties with the help of online listing sites.
  10. anshu_22

    anshu_22 New Member

    In which emirate you looking for property ?
  11. Sunita Sharma

    Sunita Sharma New Member

    Have you considered the property finder in UAE.
    They help alot. As these tools take the details of the price range and region we want the property in. Also they tell us the exact status of the property , for example, if the property is ready for possession or an Ongoing project
  12. mischa

    mischa New Member

    what kind of premium member ship...? any packages in premium membership..?
  13. bin_3loush

    bin_3loush New Member

    you can checkout a new app called bayut. its a real estate app featuring uae properties. or dubizzle, propertyfinder & waseet appss. hope this helps
  14. kadirayoobuae

    kadirayoobuae New Member

    There are many channels you can use if you want to buy a new property in UAE. If you don't want to hire a realtor, there are many home buying and selling websites out there. Make sure you check a home that has pictures listed in it. Social media channels like Facebook can also be used to buy a home in the UAE. You can search for various groups out there.
  15. RamseyWlop

    RamseyWlop New Member

    When my wife and I were on vacation in Dubai - this city seemed fabulously rich to us. Especially since we were renting a luxury villa . We were very happy about our trip.
  16. Hamnaj

    Hamnaj New Member

    Yes, you said it right. Living in Dubai is a bit costly compared to other countries.
  17. Ishan

    Ishan New Member

    Finding the right property in UAE can be a daunting task for many as there is so much to choose from. To start off you must first decide on a budget and a preferred location. Look up various website such as propertyfinder and propertyeportal to help you understand about the types of properties available and their costs.
  18. Sonalia

    Sonalia New Member

    Real estate can generate ongoing passive income and can be a good long-term investment if the value increases over time. You may even use it as a part of your overall strategy to begin building wealth. However, you need to make sure you are ready to start investing in real estate.

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