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Looking for al waha villas

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by faheem2241, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. faheem2241

    faheem2241 Guest

    Hi all i am looking for Al waha Villas 2 bed , 3 bed , 4 bed Master Devloper Dubai properties please let me your availablites.
  2. rouf

    rouf New Member

    Al Waha Villa
    Dubai Land
    Type C
    2 B/R
    1782 sqft BUA
    Garden View
    O.P – 2.9M
    S.P – 3.1M Net to owner
    Contact Abdul rauf for further information : 0504370138
  3. jameel fabian

    jameel fabian New Member

    hello' its long time

    yes!!! its long time when i should visit here again co'z i have a lot of job'
    now i want to intruduce my new business regarding real estate. i have properties
    in Dubai Silicon Oasis in Dubai and Al Reem Island at Abu Dhabi, there's a hottest
    property but you can easily afford, just send me a message if you are interested to know, then i give you the best and special offer to afford it....

    it's me,, jameel
  4. jameel fabian

    jameel fabian New Member

    Al Reem Island "The Gate Towers"

    Hello every one!!! you know the hottest selling properties now?it is located at
    Al reem Island in Abu Dhabi "The Gate Tower" for more details give me a call here's my # 050 7659596
  5. cheemz

    cheemz New Member

    hottest selling...?
    I have people beggggging me to sell their Gate Tower properties at 0% premium...
    Lets not try to cheat innocent people here..
  6. MMSM

    MMSM New Member


    can i get your contact. need to move some properties. these are some of the best priced properties in the market and will surely fly.
  7. jameel fabian

    jameel fabian New Member

    May be they are begging you to sell their properties because they need some money not for any reason,, if you have properties in al reem island at gate tower and you want to sell it give me the details i will look for good buyer..
  8. jameel fabian

    jameel fabian New Member

    where it located your properties?
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