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Discussion in 'Egyptian Lounge' started by Huda at pyramids, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. Huda at pyramids

    Huda at pyramids New Member

    Dear all,
    I'm going to promote something, though I hope that everbody understands that it is not for commercial purposes.

    Last wednesday I was on my way to work, when I heard crying, I looked around and I found 3 mini kittens. I doubted for a while and observed from a slight distance if the mom was around. She was not, and these kittens were in a position that it would be very unnatural for a mom to leave her babies there.
    I found them in the middle of an open area, in a place it's impossible for them to get there by themselves.
    My conclusion was, or the mom put them there and abandoned them or a human put them there and then the mom will not accept them anymore, because the smell of humans.
    What I do?? After a discussion on the phone my husband accepted the idea of taking them home and finding a way or somebody to take of them.
    Well, after he saw them he also softened, You have to imagine that my husband is a big tough man, bodybuilder, 7 x mister Egypt and 1 x mr Africa. But after he saw them and heard them cry he became totally soft and at the moment he's completely dedicated to feed them and take care of them. He says Allah send them to us to take care of them, so that's what we have to do.
    And that's what we are doing.

    But as we are living in a one bedroom apartment, with no much space, we eventually have to find new homes for these guys.
    They are 3 boys, probably born on the 21th of October, so still really babies.
    So basically my question is, if there is somebody serious who is looking for a friendly and affectionate cat (which they will most probably become since they are totally bottle fed) please contact me.
    I will post also some pictures from the second and third day and I will try to post regular new pictures so all of you can see the difference.

    But I have to warn you, we are only willing to give them away to really serious people who will take care of them as good as possible.
    That is also the reason why I start this post now, so it's not an impuls anymore on the moment these guys are big enough to leave us and eachother.

    Please contact me for more info and if you have tips and advice, these are also very welcome.

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  2. SuziQ2708

    SuziQ2708 Guest

    awwwww Huda, they're such little sweeties. I really hope you find lovely, caring homes for them, meanwhile it is good to see they're being taken care of, just how they should be :)
  3. bya

    bya New Member

    Who said cats don't have powers :)

    I think you should keep them - they will have you properly trained in cat care before they are 6 months old !

    You might like to profile at Namara Pets also.
  4. CMChris

    CMChris New Member

    Aaaaaaw Good luck to you both with raising them, I've hand fed newborn pups and I know how hard it is. What about posting an 'advert' in the local vets.
  5. Georgina

    Georgina New Member

    Sooooooooooooooooo cute :)

    You could let Dr Sameh Shata know about them tel. 065 354 4009 incase he knows of anyone looking for a kitten.

    or Bluemoon Animal Centre tel. 010 549 0046 Blue Moon Animalcenter
  6. Huda at pyramids

    Huda at pyramids New Member

    Cats looking for love

    Hi Georgina,
    Dr. Sameh is a good friend of mine and he's also the one who will check them and vaccinate them.
    I've check the website you gave me and I find it very outdated, the last update was somewhere in 2007. So I'm not sure if this shelter is still active?
    But I'll give them a call later and find out more about them.
    Anyway thanks for the advice

    I'm kind of used to bottlefeeding animals, I've one time brought a lamb without mom home, and we raised if for a number of months. Can you imagine, a lamb in a box in the livingroom. and later playing with de dogs. After he became big enough I even used to walk him with the dogs and he actually listened to his name!!!
    And my mom used to breed dogs, so I've done the puppies. I've even had 2 hedgehogs for a couple of days, until my mom became so frustrated with them that they had to go to the local shelter.
    And I even managed to take care of a pigeon with a wound on it's wing.
    Oh and I almost forgot that we had five horses and usually 2 fowls per year.
    But i have to say that cats are a different story, they are so stubborn, and actually more strange then all the other animals I've fed. All 3 of them start drinking very enthousiastic, and after a few zips, they stop and you sort of have to force them to drink, Never had something like that before. I think it's because they get the milk to easy, so they drink to fast and the milk goes in the wrong 'hole'. But it's kind of strange because they suck it, I only make sure that they don't catch air.
    Anyway I'll ask dr. Sameh when I visit him, after a few days.

    Warm regards,

  7. Huda at pyramids

    Huda at pyramids New Member

    New pics coming!!

    Just a quick update on the babies!

    They have opened their eyes last week and now start to explore our apartment.
    And we really start seeing their characters and personalities. They are doing well and grow soooooo fast. It seems like the grow overnight, it's amazing.
    They are sooo loveble, we have a hard time telling each other that one day they will have to leave us. But as we are not stable enough to take this responsibility, we have decided to keep trying to find homes for them.
    So please keep your ears and eyes open, if you hear about somebody looking for a kitten totally adapted to human contact, please let me know.

    I'll make some new pictures tonight and upload them tomorrow, so you can see with your own eyes the progress.

    Warm regards,


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