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Look out in Alsancak/Lapta area

Discussion in 'Cyprus Property' started by casey, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. casey

    casey New Member

    Hey guys,

    How do you get to meet English speaking solicitors and how do you know that they are reputable? Any recommendations?

    What builders/estate agents should we avoid and who should we take an interest in?

    Our idea is to look in the Alsancak/Lapta area, can anyone give us credible information about these areas, or should we be looking elsewhere?

    Did anyone manage to get a discount off the selling price of their property?
    Thank you
  2. albert

    albert New Member

    Hi Casey,
    We purchased in 2003 a lovely villa in Lapta, and we are very pleased with our experience, although we have heard some real horror stories as well.

    We still live in UK but plan to retire there in a few years time.

    We would be happy to chat on phone, email or even meet up if your would like to hear more of our experiences, and have our views/advice.
    Thank you
  3. trustdoc7

    trustdoc7 New Member


    May I please contact by email re this area??
    Alan Cook
    [email protected]
  4. peterl

    peterl New Member

    Properties in Kyrenia and Famagusta Villages

    If you are looking for some advice for buying property in Kyrenia or any of its villages, you can either pm me or visit our website North Cyprus Properties and Estate Agents, (Please Note: We have nothing to do with a company known as NCP or North Cyprus Properties Ltd) We are an independently owned estate agency working with some of the best builders in Northern Cyprus. You can have a look at the properties and if you have any queries you can contact us through the contact forms.
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