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Long term let required

Discussion in 'Turkey property' started by escapetoanywhere, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. escapetoanywhere

    escapetoanywhere New Member

    I require a long term let in Turkey with a view to purchasing in the long run. Any advice appreciated.

  2. Sunny Days

    Sunny Days Member

    A few details....

    Escape to anywhere,
    Turkey is a diverse place......any idea where you want to be? or what type of environment you want to live in? You'll find long term lets on the websites of most agents in the area where you want to in google for the area where you want to be and you'll find a selection of agents who rent in that area. rents vary enormously from area to area (big cities the most expensive due to availability of employment for citizens)
    My advice is rent where you want to live as areas are very different. Ask for a contract when you sign up to a let. Check the small print when you agree the fees. Enjoy!
  3. escapetoanywhere

    escapetoanywhere New Member

    Thanks Sunny Days. I've only been to Bodrum, Ichmeler sort of area; which would be fine. I'll browse through your offerings to see if there is anything that interests me. I'm sort of testing the waters for a permanent move. 6-12 months initially would be great.

  4. cece

    cece New Member

    It is a very good idea renting before buying, I advice you to see famous places from Alanya to Kusadasi before doing something. Each area has a different characteristics, I think you will love one of them and live there rest of your life.
  5. altinkumdan

    altinkumdan New Member


    Where in turkey have you been looking?

    Altinkum is one of the best areas for investment, i own an apartment there
    and did a lot of research into turkey first, you have the right idea to stay somewhere before decididng to buy there, choose a company that have a good reputation and try and speak to people that have used them etc, dont rule out resales they are sometimes better money than buying one off plan.
    If you fancy checking out the didim - altinkum area
    Have a look at
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  6. cece

    cece New Member

    I advice you to choose a real estate company which has both sales and rentals department seperately. Most of these companies with 2 departments gives rental service to your property when you buy from them.
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