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Logical Investment in France

Discussion in 'French Property' started by murugeshds, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. murugeshds

    murugeshds New Member

    IS IT LOGICAL ?? To Invest into a Buy to Let property in FRANCE !!!

    Would YOU be interested in finding out if it's really LOGICAL to invest into a lease back / buy to let property in FRANCE right NOW ?

    * What if, the Capital required is a ROCK BOTTOM under 4K GBP !!
    * What if, there was a guaranteed rent of 4.5% !!
    * What if, there is a CASH back option, whenever YOU wanted !!
    * What if, the Notary costs are completey WAIVED OFF !!!
    * What if, 100% Finance option is available, with interest waived upto 2 Yrs !!
    * Why not consider having a NO OBLIGATIONS, FREE consultation with one of our TOP FRENCH property Specialists. Find out if it's really LOGICAL for YOU..... Please let us know your interest to get in touch with you.
  2. Pierre Guillery

    Pierre Guillery New Member

    IMHO, lease-backs and buy-to-lets in France should be avoided at any time - and particularly during current conditions.

    Specifically, as an investor you will only be able to "claim" the full rewards of the scheme if the property is rented out regularly, at the price the developer used for his projections. In current conditions, rents will be going down, the demand will slip. Guaranteed income? read the fine prints. Also, watch out for the government: as the schemes are SOLELY tax-based, if the gov't decides to save money and cut those schemes (which it has recently on comparable schemes), you'll be in trouble. Keep in mind that the full tax-related rewards will only be there for you in the midterm.

    What seems too good to be true, well, usually isn't...
  3. odond

    odond New Member

    Pierre, if someone wants to invest in french property, what do you suggest then? Is a resale better value?

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  4. Pierre Guillery

    Pierre Guillery New Member

    As with all investments, it depends what the investor's objectives are. Generally speaking, under current market conditions, I would suggest to wait and study the market. Talk with real people there (avoid most estate agents who always have a vested interest different from that of the investor, or stick with the most experienced ones, those who have weathered a recession before), do your homework to gather intelligence - and choose wisely when prices have fell 20%. All in all, a Ben-Graham type of approach: look for real long term value. Hopefully, for the first time in 20 years, the market will offer such long/midterm value. "Grab it when the time is right" is what I would advise investors.

    Although I stand by my earlier remarks about leasebacks, I also recognise that some of the products on the market (including those offered by FPE) are useful investments - provided everything that's written in the pamphlet happens as planned over the life of the contract. That's the part that I don't quite trust...

    (I happen to have some "niche" ideas about investing in fractional projects in Provence - but here again it's probably a good idea to wait a few months to see where the market's heading. If you want more info, please ask)

    Pierre Guillery
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  5. odond

    odond New Member

    thanks for the information, as you said at the moment it is just difficult to know where to invest for a sure and beneficial investment

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