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LJDF property price(RT7)

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by [email protected], Feb 4, 2008.


    [email protected] New Member

    Hi all
    I am just recently joined this group.
    I have bougth a 2 bed apartment on LJDF in the RT7 block.Having done some research I have couple of questions I would like to ask :
    - why are the prices of LJDF so much more expensive than the other developments in Saidia. For e.g. a 2 bed apartment would go for about £120K where there are similar apartment available on the resort for near enough £90K.
    - I have also read that buying an apartment in LJDF should also cover all buying cost, i.e tax and vat , is this true ?

    Would appreciate if someone can answer this

  2. clibbens

    clibbens New Member

    I'm puzzled - did you do your research before you bought or are you just doing it now? What made you buy in the first place?
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