Living space in outbuilding



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Hi All, Need advice on the property we are buying. This property comes with the outbuilding which is converted into a self-contained studio flat by the existing owners. This outbuilding was built around 6 years back and looking at the planning request it was requested as an office space with WC. However, its a self-contained living space with Kitchen area added to it.

I just wonder the legality of this change in use from office space to living space. I do not see any planning request for this change of use either.

From our point of view, we will be looking to rent this space out. Just wondering if it will be possible and what steps do we need to take to make it happen so that we are not falling out of compliance or breaking the rules.


Is this relevant to your situation? I found it on the Internet.

"Buying a house without planning permission for an extension

As a general rule, if the work was done more than 4 years ago – you're fine, as permission can't be enforced beyond then. If it's been less than 4 years, in many instances it is reasonable to ask the seller to take out indemnity insurance on your behalf