Live in Aus and looking at investing in UK

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    Hi All

    Just staring out and not sure where to start really.
    I have about $250,000 Aus dollars to start an investment portfolio and here is my story of the last two weeks.

    I attended a legacy education 3 day course recently where they taught me about property strategies (buy to let, HMO, flips etc) and how to make money work for you etc. So I did learn a lot on the weekend which was great. It was good enough to spur me on.

    What they offered was a package (either UK or NZ package) where they provide training and a mentorship at $40,000 Aus. I get to fly over to UK to setup a company and they introduce you to the team (accountants, sourcing agents etc) to start your investment career. So my decision is that I would like to invest in UK as here in Aus everything is so expensive and there are things like stamp duty and substantial capital gains tax etc.

    What I would love to do is this all on my own to save the money but I think the distance is against me.

    So guys, would a person like me who has spare cash on hand to invest with able to achieve this from living back here in Aus using JV's? Or are other mentorship programs available? I wouldn't know where to start.

    Any thoughts?

    Kind Regards

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    Hi Dave. I would suggest having a chat with @Nicholas Wallwork as he runs a mentor scheme. Never a bad idea to get more than one opinion?

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