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List of trusted builders in Dubai

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by DivyaSesi, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. DivyaSesi

    DivyaSesi New Member


    We are looking out for buying a single bed apt in Dubai for investment reasons. All the websites seem to be very fascinating with all the "proposed" buildings(graphics). We're planning about 1 mil Dirhams cap.

    Please help us with the foll:

    1. Provide us with a list of trusted and good builders in Dubai.

    2. Is it better to buy a built or a "to be built" apt as i'm aware of the delays in the handover dates

    3. What'll be the ideal per sq.ft rate.
  2. talk

    talk New Member

    1.Check out RERA wep site for names of reg builders.

    2.Is your investment long term or short term.If long term pick an apt which will be finished in a couple of years.If short term make sure you can purchase at the correct price.Do plenty of research as there's lots of developments to pick from and prices vary alot depending on location.
    Don't be scared to make an offer to someone trying hard to sell.

    3.Prices vary in different location.Can be 1200/2000 per sq/ft.Pick a development which suites your investment and post for an answer here,and also straight from developer and agents.

    Good luck.
  3. rufi

    rufi New Member

    Investment in international city,dubai

    i have a good investment prelaunch oppourtunity in international city, dubai
    prices per sqft u can get jst 950 dhs
    jst 5000 dhs on booking
    1st installement can be around 20000 dhs
    installement will come after every 6 months
    a kuwaiti based multinational developer al kanz investment
    with escrow account which gives protection to yr finance
    pls call 00971-50-5766402
    property consultant
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