Les Jardins d’Elisa Beausoleil

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I am new to this site and probably like many others have only started to use it due to problems with Leaseback and rental income

I have had numerous problems with the above property,developer and management company since it was completed.

As soon as I took ownership I had a letter from the management company asking for money for furnishings and stating they were going to deduct it from my rent.

Many emails and wasted time on the telephone later I think I solved it and didnt have to pay any extra,however the theme was that these companies try it on and many people just pay what they are asked for.

Im not sure about anyone else but I think the quality of the furniture pack and its contents are a discrace,I parted with a substantial amount of money and didnt even get a wardrobe!!!! oh and the quality was poor.

When I visited the development after completion I noticed that many of the outside areas had not been completed and that facilities promised within the development hadnt been delivered.

Again following many calls and email the blame was passed to the local council and it was in fact their responsibility to complete outside areas.

The developer or Consiel patrimone had no interested at this point as they had their money.

What concerns me is that the agents are selling and marketing property through their websites with totally misleading advertising and in reality giving bad advice.The word ''Guaranteed'' seems to be repeated time and time again!

In relation to the above I would like to know if France has the equivalent of the UK Advertising Standards Agency and if anyone has any information on this?

I would also be interested in what action people are taking with regard to recovering rent,being this is a common theme Im hoping for some advice.Im nearly nine months out of pocket now and I reckon someones ''trousered'' a few Euro along the way

Im also considering going out to my residence next week and taking the keys off the management company and changing the locks being they are renting my apartment out without paying me.

Anyone know of what the implications would be for taking this direct course of action

I would also like to hear from anyone else in the above development who would consider taking collective action?

To sum up my experience of Leaseback so far........


Not open for further replies.