Legal valuation charges of home loan



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Apart from checking the personal goodwill of the home loan borrower, banks also observe & conduct various checks on the property for sale.

Because, it is the only property as a security against the loan, so, no doubt should be left in ensuring that the bank is lending money against secured property. This is why banks carry out some legal verification of the property, for which they will grant loans.

The charges will depend on the lender or the bank from which you are taking the loan. Usually, the bank will ask you to pay a minimum fee of rs. 3500 onwards as per the bank policies.

Bank will ask you separately for Legal Charges, Some bank Included their legal fee in the processing fee and some banks take charges separately. Some of the lenders ask you to pay their processing fee before the loan process begins. For more information on valuation fees, you must read all the terms of the loan agreement carefully.

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Yes, such preventive measures should exist as a safety net, but on the other hand - they aren`t always objective. A friend of mine had a case when she wasn`t given a loan just because her house did not meet the requirements for a loan. Of course her property wasn`t the highest class, but it couldn`t be called a slum. On the other hand - how else to buy a house if you don`t have enough money for it? She looked for a long time for a normal bank, in the end she took a quick loan where at last she didn`t come across the number of suspicious checks and requirements.