Legal property on suelo no urbanizable



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Hi There,

We recently found a property we want to purchase in the Els Poblets area near Denia. We agreed a good price and moved forward with a pre contract with the sellers. Our lawyer confirmed all the legal paperwork was correct and we paid a large 10% deposit.

We received the valuation this week and the bank valuation is much much lower than the sale price we agreed. The land apparently is classified as “suelo no urbanizable” and as such the bank will only value the land at a very low figure, €12 a m2.

We are upset at our lawyer as there was no advice given on this and also no clause in the contract for if we did not obtain a mortgage.

Therefore we either risk losing the deposit, which is a large amount of money for us, or we have to find the shortfall of the money to purchase the property, which is a huge amount of cash.

We understand that if we come to sell in the future this may cause problems for other people who need a mortgage, but we cant afford to lose the deposit and do plan to live in the house for a long time?

· Is this something that happens a lot?

· Are there any dangers of buying a house, which apparently is all legal, on rustic land?

· Any advice would be greatly appreciated, we are feeling very cheated at the moment by the “professionals” we trusted!


Unfortunately, I am not sure what you can do as you did not take advice and the valuation was only carried out after you put down the deposit. While you may feel robbed it does not appear that you have been given incorrect advice, you have been given no advice, although the valuation was carried out after the deposit. Why was this?