Lease options with Sean Cahill


Matthew Freeman

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Hi all,
I am new to property and looking at lease options and sourcing as I have little start up capital.
I have been in touch with a chap called Sean Cahill who has a lease option business and offers partnerships to new investors.
Has anyone heard of him or know Sean, or tried this approach.
I just want all the info I can before making a decision.
Nicholas Wallwork

Nicholas Wallwork

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Hi Matthew,

I personally haven't worked with Sean but as some general advice don't part with any cash (or sign up to any deal) until you fully understand what you're doing. So spend the time educating yourself first for a few months and also work through some example deals you're offered (feel free to post them on here to get our communities help!) and only when you KNOW the deal is right for you then go for it.

Take action but focus on your knowledge first...
Also there are some good books under our education section (most of which I've read) and they will really help too.

I have done a few lease options in my time and it's much harder to get the full control of the property you need to truly maximise its potential (as you're basically only leasing to start with) but they can be very useful to get into property with a much lower deposit (maybe a month or two's rent). A lease option is similar to the "rent to rent" strategy we're seeing as popular at the moment but with an option to buy in the future. It's a fairly simple concept as a strategy BUT the devil is in the detail and making sure your contracts are water right and your model cash flows otherwise you'll struggle to make any yield.

Please keep us posted on your progress!