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- The active tourist season in Bansko starting, the heavy traffic restrictions will remain with ring routes. The building process in the zones of Sv. Ivan and Gurovitsa kept on during the winter season too. The local administration introduced these measures in order to guarantee the local population calm. The new and most active construction zones are Gramadeto, Sv. Ivan, Gurovitsa, Asanitsa, Ovinache, Sredoreko, Karantiata and Kosherinata. From this month on the building companies will be allowed to work in the weekends too. This year Overgas will start the gasification of the winter resort and without the coordination of the projects with the company the administration will not consider building permits.

СтроителÑтво Градът - In brief (21 - 27 April)
Строителство Градът - In brief (21 - 27 April)
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