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Discussion in 'India property' started by manaliguptaa, Jul 15, 2014.

  1. manaliguptaa

    manaliguptaa New Member

    I have heard about (B)BHK concept in Mira Road. What is it?
  2. SidhdhiManpa

    SidhdhiManpa New Member

    This is the latest news and a very nice concept initiated in Mira road area. It is very unique too. Basically, it is designed in the manner that avails user to convert their hall into bedroom or study room (half-portion of hall) – multipurpose use in the same cost. This concept works on space saving i.e. “find rooms within rooms” which helps in not only saves space but also make a home look bigger and more spacious adding more value to it.
  3. westernheights

    westernheights New Member

    Its really a great concept and it is must implemented in cities like Mumbai where is huge crises of residential spaces.
  4. customhome

    customhome New Member

    Thanks For inform us..............
  5. andis9

    andis9 New Member

    Really this becomes a good concept in near future to utilize land(space) at its best.
  6. UshaInfra

    UshaInfra New Member

    Hey SidhdhiManpa ,

    Thanks for elaborating the concept. It is indeed a very nice concept. It will help people who are looking for affordable housing with some space. Good topic.
  7. pransha

    pransha Banned

    Hi guys!! I do not found any impressive or an important news related to property/real estate over here. So please if anyone have any news related to property please share with us. I'll also do the same.
  8. rubina2013

    rubina2013 New Member

    RelatyCompass introduced Online home buying concept with some exciting Offers like buy a Flat and get a Plot for Free....

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