Last Minute Legal Pack for 1 Bedroom Apt


Adam Beaumont

New Member
There is an 1 x Bedroom Apartment that goes to online auction tomorrow. However the legal pack was only uploaded late Friday afternoon. With this I have been unsuccessful in finding a solicitor to read the legal pack in time.

The apartment is listed guide as £75,000 and is a being sold on behalf of receivers. The price is cheap because the same apartment was listed for sale last year at £125,000 but didn't sell.

Do you have any advice for me in terms of what to look for in the legal pack. This will be my first property as it will be a buy to let and looking don't want to bid and then get hidden surprises.

Is there a service that can read the documents for me before I think about bidding.?
Any advice or help is very much appreciated.



If this is your first property I would be cautious - perhaps the auction house can offer guidance about possible help in finding a local/in-house solicitor to look over the legal pack for you?