Last chance to invest in low land prices on Long Island in the Bahamas

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    Planning permission for a marina, golf course, 5 star hotel and residential resort has just been approved for the first anchor development on beautiful Long Island in the Bahamas.

    The opportunity to invest in Phase I of this project by buying land and gaining the right to buy into the resort at a fixed price more than 60% below market value, is coming to an end as there are less than 40 plots left from a total of 300.

    Join the other 250+ investors who are watching their land prices go up and up in a market that is booming and will keep on booming as demand for marina and golf property as well as marina slips continues to grow worldwide.

    For the most up-to-date information, call Meredith on 0207 831 1797 or 07967 385 590 at Bahamas Property Investments.

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