Land Investments in Rio Grande do Norte, Natal area

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For serious investors we can offer land investments, some with projects approved, licensed and ready to start building, beachfront, rural and urban, in Rio Grande do Norte, suitable for development or land banking.

We can offer small individual plots, upwards to 1200 hectares!

Muriú - 42 hectares, 150m distant from the sea, with IDEMA pre-license for loteamento or private condominium, - 3.500.000 R$

Pirangy - right next to the world's largest cashew tree - project fully licensed and ready to build - 60 apartments - 250m from the beach - 1.500.000R$

Touros - Project and land for 75 dwelling, mixed houses and apartments,of large sizes, on 2.4 hectares right on the beach - 3.000.000R$

Caraúbas - 24 hectares on a high point - 1.7km from the beach, close to the Beckham resort, Hotel Atlentico resort and others, - 2.000.000 R$

This is just a small selection of what we have!!

Enquiries will be dealt with by Michael Bush resident in Natal, who will ensure a safe investment, introducing you to professionals to help you through the process from purchase to complete development of a project.
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