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jumiera village.

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by hannah, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. hannah

    hannah New Member

    can any one advise me a studio in jumiera village project jouri priced 460000 aed all in, size 465 sq ft is it a good deal? would you please shed some light on this.
    beacuse i am just about to leave some deposit for this property. And i like to make sure that i am not putting myself in mess.
  2. Yasir

    Yasir Banned

    Details of Studio:

    • Apartment: Studio
    • Tower Name: Jouri 2
    • Size: 432 sq ft
    • Developer's Price = 1095 per sq ft
    • Selling Price: 995 per sq ft

    Total Buying Price Will Be .. 429840 .. This is Just net to owner .. and after that if u r paying for tranfer charges and commission .. It Wont be Going Up More Than 450,000/-
  3. hannah

    hannah New Member

    who is developer?
  4. hannah

    hannah New Member

    would kindly let me know who developer for jouri2.
    can price be negociated?
    jouri1 is willing to drop the the price, and wants me to make an offer.

    thank you

    JOHNNY-D New Member


    the developer is called "AL MAS"
    and..... yeah, the price can be dropped down. for sure :)

    good luck.
  6. hannah

    hannah New Member

    like too see the building, and where its located in jv, and also floor no n plan view, compltion date etc.

    how much paid so far?
  7. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    hey hannah i have a 561 sq.ft studio in lawns 3 by dheera east cost ltd.

    i have just bought it for 880 dhs per sq.ft. I will consider any offer for anything above 900 sq.ft which is the market price.

    You may check the market price and get back to me on zero 5 zero ight cix svn tow phive nien phive. hope u get the number ;) or you can just send me a private message. please note it is a 561 sq ft studio but my price wont be as high as 995 dhs per sq ft and it can be financied by ADCB. The developer is Dheeraj East cost, property is located in Jumeriah Village in Lawns 3 on the first floor.

    JOHNNY-D New Member

    now u're talking, hunnah ! :)
    look at you. REALITY EXPERT
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