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Jumeirah Village the best place for investment

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by pedro_9k6k, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. pedro_9k6k

    pedro_9k6k New Member

    Hi people,

    This is just some basic info if anyone is thinking of investing into the Dubai property market.

    You should always get information about various projects. Many people had made lots of money from communities such as The Greens, Springs, Emirate Hills, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai Marina etc.

    2 big places to invest in at the moment are Jumeirah Village (South), and Business Bay. Jumeirah Village is hailed to be the next Springs and Greens, and all of the Villas and Townhouses are completely sold out. The apartments are still on sale and are considered a good investment for rental and resale. Obviously you have to invest wisely. The cost of construction is always going up.

    Business Bay is still open to lots of investment options. A lot of people are asking questions about infesting into Business Bay and their have been a lot of confusion in the market. Basically only smart people are investing into Business Bay. It is going to be the future business hub of the Middle East, and is right next to the tallest tower in the world - The Burj Dubai.

    When choosing a property, do not make the mistake of thinking that you can make some quick cash. That boat sailed a few years ago. You can still make some fantastic money but you need to be ready to give the go ahead straight away when an excellent opportunity arises.

    I would advise newcomers to invest with a few to keep their money in the chosen project for at least 1 to 1.5 years. If an opportunity comes to make a sale within that time and make some quick money, then consider it as a bonus. Do not assume that you can liquidize and make a profit after 3 months (although it can be possible).

    When choosing a project to invest into, always look at all the aspects and find the weakest link. The main factors are:

    Developer - are they strong? Will they complete it? Does a bank back them?
    Location - Is it in a good area? Easy accessibility?
    Finance - Backed by a major bank? Easy repayment terms?

    There are other factors, but the ones above are quite important.

    You need to decide if you want to invest in commercial or residential property. It is good to inset in both but I think that you will find the smart people investing into commercial projects. This is because a lot of foreign companies are setting up HQ's in Dubai. Try and find a vacant office on Sheikh Zayed Road, and it will be near impossible. And the prices are quite high. You can invest in residential but that would be wise if you are getting a good deal or if you are actually looking for a place to live in after the place is completed (personal choice).

    If you want more info then post a reply on this thread.
  2. Dubaimaster

    Dubaimaster New Member

    What are your thoughts on the International City developments in Dubai. Is this not a booming property investment at the moment with a lot of future upside. Dubailand etc. It would be good to hear your thoughts on this.
  3. ruben

    ruben New Member

    As a personal opinion, International City should be a good place if you want to have a rental income, but for property appreciation, there are other places in Dubai to make money.
  4. Promotions (cars and aircraft) with good terms and conditions of payment and return on investment up to 60% a year right now and only this period. These proprieties are held in Dubai and other more profitable locations. For more information send me on my private email.
  5. sounds interesting. Are you referring to the Damac offer of the free Jag or draw for the Jet?

    is this 60% ROI after just 1 year? Does that mean that if I purchase an off plan property, after 1 year I would get my investment back and a 60% profit? With some of the projects I deal with, if is possible but sometimes only if you invest right from the beginning and stay with the project all the way until completion.

    The 60% ROI after 1 year was achievable a few years ago, but I would be surprised if this type of return is still available given the current market.

    If anyone has any info, I would be interested to know.

  6. 60% seems a bit much for a year, even for dubai, standard capital appreciation in Dubai and throughout the UAE in all honestly are running at 10-11% per annum. We have some properties available in places like abu dhabi which over 5 years are estimated to give returns of 122% profit but that is including rental profits alongside capital appreciation.

    Big profits are generally on the table who are willing to wait and hold on to the properties for a a couple of years rather than shift them within the year, in my opinon.
  7. wallpaper

    wallpaper New Member

    "Jumeirah Village is hailed to be the next Springs and Greens, and all of the Villas and Townhouses are completely sold out."

    This statement is not exactly true. There are still quite a number of villa and townhouse developments in Jumierah Village that have not launch yet, check out this as an example Erantis Dubai .

    There are also residential G+2 land plots still for sale in Jumeirah Village, which are usually designated for villa and townhouse developments. So these plots still need to be bought by developers and villas designed and approved before you will see these hit the market.

    That being said, I'm sure there will be more villas and townhouses hitting the market soon, which I think will be great investments.

    One thing you need to be careful about in Jumeirah Village though is, due to the fact that most of the developers there are quite small you must make sure that the development you chose to invest in abides by all the new Land Department Rules (commonly referred to as Law No. 8). All your payments must go into an Escrow account and not the developers account.

    Beware developers without Escrow accounts
  8. I've been doing a little research and found that sales price for commercial towers have decreased since launch, e.g. U Tower from AED 637 to AED 610 per sq.ft and A1 Tower from AED 750 to AED 550-630. Is that correct? And if so, HOW COME?????
    On the other hand Wave business tower has seen increases of 35%.

    I'm confused....:eek:
  9. There is a very good option in Jumeirah Village South for booking Commercial Office Units at Pre launch investors price. Within 3 months launch time it can give very handsome returns. Booking is 10 % and project is backed up with Escrow account and option of 70% finance directly by developer. For more information, contact Jan Imtiaz at +971-50-9456769
  10. german_falcon

    german_falcon New Member


    If someone is interested, i have a flat in Seasons Community (Jumeirah South Village) for sale.

    It is a 2 Bedroom flat (1373 sqft.) in the 4th floor with Pool View, 2 Bathrooms and balcony.

    I have bought this flat directly from the developer and have paid 20 % of it.
    I have a finance directly from the developer.
    No Bank finance !!!

    If someone is interested, I sell it for AED 1,7 Mio.
    Price is negotiatable.

    All flats in the Season Community or Jumeirah South Village are sold out!

    It is a beautiful & tranquil place to life and a great investment.
    Orginal price was AED 892000 and the price is still increasing daily.

    Only reason for selling,
    I have found a even better investment and need some money.
    By the way! I need investors!!! I am a hungry business man!
    They call me also German Falcon!

    For any further information you can contact me on +971 (0)50 241 71 86


  11. Pia

    Pia New Member

    Question to all


    question to the German falcon :)

    I am thinking to buy a flat in Jumeirah Village but I am wondering about the value increase. What is your experience? I saw property for this development listed on Landmark properties for 720,000 (1 Bedroom). If I wanted to sell it in a year, do you think it would still be worth investing in it? How much more would I get for it?? For someone, who has to take a loan even for the 10%, would you advise anyway to invest in Dubai? :confused:

    Let me know what you think, actually all of you who are reading this. I am really confused and would be thankful for some advice. :eek:

    Thanks a lot!
  12. samar

    samar New Member

    Probably Jumeirah Village is still good investment but beware of some companies taking payments from you in an account which in different name. The ESCROW accounts are in another name. These companies don't provide you with any bank statement confirming that the monies have actually been transferred to ESCROW account. However this applies to properties outside Jumeirah Village as well.

    Also the information given by some developers is incorrect. The fact is that most of the projects are likely to be delayed by several months. Developers usually blame Nakheel for this.
  13. Totally agree with that and that is why I decided to work for a developer dedicated in commercial programs in Jumeirah Village South.

    We offer a Jebel Ali Free Zone office till the completion of the project. Please call me if more details you would like to have.


    050 10 46 346
  14. Advise on investing in Rigel Tower in JVC. It is sold by Fortune group and delveoper is ABC international which is a company owned by Fortune. They have other projects like Fortune Scerene, Burj Al Alam & Fortune Tower etc. Escrow account in place but no finace as of now. Location is block 13 H on two plots close to metor substation. prices psf in the range of 950 - 1100 if you dont take the car that they are offering with each apartment. The building floor plans look very livable. Can any one tell me if this will be a good investment opportunity.
  15. As a personal investor, I have bought many units in Jumeirah Village South in residential sector. I would say, it is a best place in invest, as my property prices been appreciated upto 45%. Still not looking to sell, as I know like others that economy is not treating us well, but still if we would notice one thing, that investing in properties is much safer than investing in any other fields. E.g. Gold, oil or something similar where investors can easily make huge profits, but IT IS RISKY. Even investing in UK or US is a big mistake, but in DUBAI, if we look at the past till upto now, property is prices never went down. Still on these crisis prices are stable, not aprreciating and not depreciating but in the future maybe in couple months of so, the prices will shoot again. My point of view is to invest at this period of time where market is not growing at the moment but it will provide up to 20% of return within your second installment. The propery I have bought from is Memon Investment LLC. One of the big developer in Jumeirah Village South with five projects, the fifth project is Gardenia V, which I m interested in buying now. As I have bought already many units from this developer in Dubai Sports City and Jumeirah Village South very good resell in the market but still I m holding few units for more premium looking in January.

    Everyone says that economy is falling sharply but if you have been reading the gulf newspaper, than it was a big article few days back that all banking sectors are 100% backed up by government, so in my view their is no possbility that the global crunch would effect UAE. UK and US banking sectors are normally backed up by 60% but UAE banking sector 100%. Very positive side of DUBAI.

    In short, best place to invest at this moment is DUBAI and personally recommend Jumeirah Village South.
  16. Iqbal

    Iqbal New Member

    I have a couple of studio apartments in jumerah village south that i would like to sell.If you are interested please contact me on 07897539503.
  17. In which projects you have apartments and at what price are you looking to sell.
  18. I have an apartment for sale in Jumeirah Village South:
    Development: Gardenia 3
    Unit: 1 bed flat, 1151 sq.ft. including balcony
    Floor: 2
    View: Road
    Developer Memon Investments
    Paid: 15%

    Anyone interested please mail me [email protected] and we can discuss price.
  19. Katana, my suggestion would be don't sell now. As gardenia prices are shooting very much still in this circumstances. I would say that you should hold on this property for some more time, like for atleast six months and you can get easily 400AED premium or still you won't be able to sell it after six months than I would buy it from you. I m one of the main investor in Memon and have bought several units and floors for myself and for my clients. You can easily get a good return. Even though now my property is not selling very well but its only temporarily. In the end decision is yours.

    Kind regards.
  20. Iqbal

    Iqbal New Member

    They are in Kensington Manor,Please email me on [email protected] for details.
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